Small Wedding Bouquets

Wedding Decorations | May 17 2010 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

It’s not necessary to be a petite bride to have a gorgeous, natural touch, simple and clean trendy small wedding bouquet. Any type of bride can choose to carry a small wedding bouquet for a smaller, intimate and private wedding, for a more chic, casual, stylish and trendy wedding or for any type of wedding that has a more natural, dainty, organic, refined, feminine, sleek and delicate minimalist décor and character.

It seems that the latest trends in wedding bouquets, flower arrangements, wedding dresses and wedding cakes admit the idea that simple and clean, organic, eco friendly, natural, casual, unsophisticated, unpretentious and voluminous is better looking and more refined.

Therefore, brides of today can easily combine the utility of a more inexpensive small wedding bouquet with the pleasure and fashion of such a bouquet choice. So, it seems that you don’t need too many reasons to carry a sympathetic, lovely, adorable, feminine, casual, loose and natural small wedding bouquet.

At least it’s what the modern fashion says! Among the most beautiful and popular choices of simple and natural types of flowers that you can choose to compose a small wedding bouquet are tulips, peonies, carnations, garden, mini or tea roses, mini calla lilies or tiger lilies, orchids, daises, delphiniums, daffodils, hyacinth, baby’s breath, asters, freesias, lavender, jasmine and many more. A great advantage of a small wedding bouquet is the low price.

One can choose any type of small and versatile flower that can compose a casual and light-weighted bouquet and spend less money than they could spend on a larger, elaborated, fluffy and draping one. If you’re interested in finding what are the most popular choices in styles and shapes of a small wedding bouquet we can give you a few examples. For instance, if your wedding is going to take place during the spring or summer season, you can opt for a tulip, daffodils, hyacinth or tiger lily hand tied small wedding bouquet that can add more femininity, delicacy, innocence and style to the natural beauty and charm of your bridal look.

For a fall or winter wedding you can opt for a basket, poises or nosegays small wedding bouquets composed of daises, gardenias, mini sunflowers, delphiniums or orchids. It’s important to choose a wedding bouquet style that can be carried out in one hand without any complications.

Choose a few stemmed small wedding bouquets that won’t be too heavy-weighted, complex, voluminous or too elaborated. If a small wedding bouquet might appear too simple and plain for your bridal vision and expectations, ornate it with matching fruits, plants, leaves or herbals, such as hypericum berries, cones, oak leaves, holly leaves, apple, cheery or orange blossoms or branches, depending on the theme and season of the wedding.11

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