Slow Songs for Weddings

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As how many people would describe a wedding it is about a love celebration, a party dedicated to the unity of the two destinies into one.

If it is to correlate this general idea to the event it is surely and clearly that the grooms’ intention is to remake or try to make it real their love story: representative wedding decor, theme and music as well.

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The wedding music will be one forte point to express the love the bride has for the groom and reverse order, the lyrics being in fact the artistic way to suggest the deep feelings, the emotions of that day.Slow songs for wedding are a predominant need and request. This genre and love theme of the songs is the romantic equivalent of the wedding meaning. What to select is up to each couple but not to miss is the song the bride and groom had since their first beginning of the relationship, if it is the case, if they have one of such kind.Slow songs are a pleasure but a need after all, thinking at the moments these will be used, such as the religious ceremony in all its durability, the grooms’ first dance, the time as pause between too rhythmic and tiresome dances. But wouldn’t be too boring to have too many slow songs for wedding? In other words don’t count on these as to be the major part of your wedding music play list.

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Judging too harsh but after all true the guests come to your wedding to party. Hearing and dancing on slow songs too much will be for them a free of energy party, no enthusiasm, no funny moments, the lack of salt and pepper to say it so. Variety in genre is what you have to count on.


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