Slit wedding dresses

Wedding Dresses | September 13 2010 | by Jenny | 3 Comments

Nowadays the wedding dress is anything but boring, predictable or simple and standard. The modern world of fashion has taught us that looking just like everybody else does not do your body shape, your figure or your personal style justice.

That is why the vast majority of the brides today are applying on a more attractive, unique and unconventional wedding dress for the big day.

We found a very sexy, sensual and feminine type of wedding dress for all the contemporary brides who wish to show off something more of their natural beauty without crossing the line or exposing a too ostentatious silhouette. The slit sexy wedding dress is our recommendation for this article and we hope that from what you get the chance of seeing in these pictures (find them here:,, http:/ you will fancy or you will get to love this style.

For the independent bold bride who is not afraid of looking hot and sexy on the day, and to only innocent and elegant, perhaps this type of wedding dress can really fit like a glove. Usually, the slit is created in the front of the dress on the right leg, where the length depends entirely on the whole design and line of the wedding dress and on the formality, character, season or even location of the wedding destined to host this type of dress.

If you have no problems or anything against showing a little more of your leg skin then why not vote and opt for a slit wedding dress?

We find this style to be more eye-catchy, more sensual, more refined, sleek, clever, intriguing, flattering and flirty than other types of wedding dresses with trains or longer hemlines. In general, these types of wedding dresses are wonderful and actually recommended to all the destination brides who are choosing a wedding on a beach or on an island, coast or an exotic park.

For these types of hot tropical and natural locations a slit wedding dress can fit perfectly! The bride will be able to move more properly, dance and have a good time while feeling and looking both comfortable and sexy. You can opt for a slit wedding dress with ruffles, feathers, frills, layers or tiers for a more gypsy, playful or a flamenco style look.

There are many unique and fascinating wedding dresses with feathered skirts featuring a front slit, looking absolutely charming, imposing, dramatic and one of a kind. In case you want to see more pictures or galleries with slit wedding dresses or if you’re looking for a designer slit wedding dress check out a few daring and provocative corset style designs in Pnina Tornai.

If you don’t want anything complicated, elaborated, voluminous or too formal and dramatic, look for simple casual slit wedding dresses with not additional embroideries, appliqués, textures or patterns.11


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  2. Josette

    April 13, 2011 at 3:29 pm

    what could e more sensual than this type of dress? it’s the est type of dress i could wear, since i like to show off my legs but at the same time i don’t want to wear a mini wedding gown. i have to say you amazed me with these dresses here. when i thought bout slit dresses, i always saw them as very tight, never like that. but i find them very nice, even more charming than i had n mind and more me. i wasn’t the type of tight dresses anyways, so these fluid ones are quite fit for me. Especially the second one, which is so light-weighted and feminine.


  3. Nicole

    February 08, 2012 at 2:17 pm

    I would love to know the designer of the second dress! I absolutely love it! Does anyone know who makes it???


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