Single Tier Wedding Cakes

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Why choose a wedding cake with a single tier?

Single tier wedding cakes are simple, elegant choice for an evening ceremony.

A simple cake with a single tier can be perfect for a wedding, for various reasons. A wedding without too many guests do not need a big cake. A couple can also choose a cake to celebrate the “escape” of the two. This type of cake can be offered to guests with a variety of flavors and can be used when cutting the cake for some nostalgic photos.

Many couples order a cake as for celebrating birthdays, often choosing the same taste and same shape as in the wedding night.Whatever the reason, there are many single-tier cakes with special reference to the event itself.

Such a wedding cake can be as elegant as one with a larger size. Given that smaller cakes are less expensive, the couple may choose special ornaments and flavors for the wedding cake as different as they want without the price being too high. What you could do:
• cake could be expanded by adding those mini-cakes with different flavors for all guests;
• Make a cake with layers of cardboard, thus providing the illusion of a larger size;
• Use a cake stand as special that offers also a big impression;
• Create a buffet of truffles, tarts and other pastries;
• Some cakes of different shapes and flavors after preferences;

What can be placed on top of these single tier wedding cakes?

Some couples decorate the wedding cake surface with memories of their special days, while a higher figure may cover the entire cake. To avoid any mismatch, some couples choose as small figurines on top or put them right next to the cake table decorations. Flowers, framed photos, a greeting, or other details can be added to the cake table, so the single tier wedding cake will not seem so small.

Wedding cakes with a single tier are delightful but are not really suitable for any event. Before making the choice of this type of cake, the couple should consider the following advantages and disadvantages:
• a simple, elegant than an extravagant excess;
• low price depending on the shape and flavor;
• suitable for a few guest list;
• according to any location, even for a wedding on the beach;
• such a cake would not be enough for all guests;
• do not allow you to have floors with different flavors, except that an additional commands of cakes;
• insufficient place for more photos;
• Minimum size of cake can be established by the confectionery;

Choosing a simple wedding cake with a single tier should not create problems, especially if the bride and groom want simple shapes and flavors. Some bakeries can create the cake, even if the bride and groom want a custom cake or unusual flavor, but the confectioner will add a minimum additional fee for the work. Such cakes may be made at home. A more talented family member or even a guest, can create a small and elegant wedding cake for such festivities. Some guests are offered themselves to make the cake as wedding gift, adding both the celebration and oneness and also help the bride and groom to save money.

Single tier wedding cakes are nice choices for the feast of small events, or simply by the preference of the couple. Like the larger cakes, the small ones are just as tasty, with a touch of nostalgia and romance.11

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