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Wedding Dresses | November 19 2009 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

The wedding day is one of the most awaited days of young girls. They imagine how everything will be and what they wish everything would be.  A white wedding dress is always in their dreams. Even though there are brides that imagine colored wedding dresses or even if there are others that imagine puffy princess wedding dresses, there are the other brides who imagine simple white wedding dresses.

A simple white wedding dress is the first item you should be looking for when you start planning your wedding. Every soon to be bride can’t wait to start the search of the wedding dress, is usually one of the most fun times that young brides live. Starting to find your simple white wedding dress will not be as hard as you though. It’s going to be very easy for the brides that already know what they want. But for the ones that are still confused, they will need to spend some time in order to find the style, fabric and design and then they may go to the bridal shops and boutique. Deciding which kind of style, fabric and design you want might be quit hard. There are a lot of styles, designs and fabrics so you need to have some favorites in order to make the whole process easier. Also when choosing your dress style you need to think about your body as well. You need a simple white wedding dress that will make you shine and that will put your body in a perfect light.  There are many types of dresses, as I’ve said before: mermaid wedding dress, fishtail wedding dress, baby doll wedding dress, Cinderella wedding dress etc. But you know one think, you know that your dress is going to be simple. So you can chose one of the designs out there and try to find the simplest dress you there is.


Even if nowadays there are so many types and colors for wedding dresses, the one that usually stands out is the white wedding dress. Simple of sophisticated, the white wedding dress will always be there when a girl thinks about marriage. Red, Lila, Ivory, even Black wedding dresses are worn today by funky brides who want to shock their world a little bit. This isn’t a bad thing, we cannot judge anybody, and my point is that even though there are a lot of new things right now, the magic of the simple white wedding dress is not lost. Is still there, so who thinks a simple white wedding dress would make her day should definitely wear one.

If you chose to wear a simple white wedding dress then probably your whole wedding is quite simple as well. As you might know, the wedding must be kept in a line at all times. Even though the most ladies that chose simple white wedding dresses are probably having informal weddings or very simple weddings, you should know that a simple white wedding dress can be very elegant as well. If you want to be elegant, then select an elegant fabric and an elegant design. It’s probably not going to be hard to find such a dress. If you want to look romantic and playful then you can maybe pick a short girly simple white wedding dress. There are plenty of options out there, so just go and find the one that suits you best.


Besides the fact that it can look fabulous another important reason why soon-to-be brides wish for a simple white wedding dress is because they are on a low budget or just because simple white wedding dresses are usually cheaper than their sophisticated counterparts. While a designer wedding dress or a princess puffy gown might cost in the thousands, a simple white wedding dress can be found in the hundreds or even less. This is probably the most important reason for brides to chose simple white wedding dresses.

If we think a little bit more, we may realize that another reason is the fact that simple white wedding dresses are very easy to be found. You don’t need to make a whole plan, to call designers, to go to special shops, the only thing you need to do is very simple. Take your mum, your best-friend or who-ever you want and pick a day when you are going to hunt for your simple white wedding dress. You can find your simple white wedding dress anywhere; you don’t need to go to bridal shops or boutiques. Any summer shop might have a simple white wedding dress that you would like. Take a day for yourself. Take your time and have fun while you’re searching for your dress. Don’t be stressed or nervous; even this might be impossible, try to think that you will surely find the dress you are looking for. I know that the process of finding the wedding dress might be quite stressful, but if you take it slow and if you keep it simple, it’s impossible to be like that.


So, the places you should check out are any kind of stores. I know that some people might not go for the following idea but you should know that second hand stores can have what you’re looking for. Don’t be afraid to go inside and to see what they offer. Even though their dresses won’t be perfect they can be exactly what you’ve dreamt about. If this doesn’t help you and if you didn’t find your simple white wedding dress yet, a very good option for you is to go online. The internet is probably the best source for wedding products. Here you can find anything. Google the exact word: simple white wedding dress and you will see how many web pages will open. Now the next step is to take some time and to check them out. Look at the size carefully and when you send your measures, be sure you send the right ones. It is very important because some online shops don’t accept returns. Order your simple white wedding dress and it’s going to arrive at your doorstep.



  1. Milde

    April 18, 2011 at 9:55 am

    Even if I like simple wedding dresses, I still think they have to be long and they have to have that nice something that would make them unique. I think that the dress in the middle matches my personality and would be a very nice dress for me to wear. I like the corset type bodice, the long flowing skirt and the nice subtle appliques on it. I find it really beautiful, feminine and with that simplicity I’ve always wanted. I think I just found the wedding dress I was looking for and I will be more than happy to find it somewhere to but it. I really have to give you a lot of thanks for posting it here. I was fortunate to have found it.


  2. Melissa Brennan

    October 23, 2011 at 3:00 pm

    Please email a web page to view the second picture above with the back of the dress showing and she’s holding the flowers. When u click on the pic there is no info given.


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