Simple Wedding Reception Menus

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Many people admit that one of the most important aspects to plan with precaution for a wedding is the food. Every single choice is significant when it comes to the reception. The wedding day is a complex event and every single detail counts. To some couples, this experience becomes quiet maddening. It depends on the type of party each one of you is planning. This is why you need to think ahead if the wedding project you want to implement is feasible.

One of the most challenging tasks for the bride and groom to face is planning the reception menu. Among the most important key factors to consider when making this decision are your own taste and wedding budget. It’s always safer to go for a traditional menu that can suit the majority of tastes. On the other hand, the cost of the menu should influence your final decision. Those who are on a budget have the opportunity of choosing simple food. It’s totally untrue that cheap food is less delicious. The final cost of a menu is not necessarily in the quality of the food but in the quantity and additional ingredients and spices.

Simple Wedding Reception Menus

Simple Wedding Reception Menus (Photo by: Jonathan Day)

You don’t have to order elaborated menus to wow your guests. Keep things close to a simple taste and serve something the majority knows. If it’s important to you to impress your invitees with something inedited, choose exotic food. But it’s riskier this way. Sea creatures are not on everyone’s taste. There is another reason to choose simple food and that is the size of the reception. If you’re having a small intimate celebration you can focus on a minimalist menu but not poor. This way you will cut your wedding costs and serve adequate food. Couples are aware that catering is one of the most expensive parts of a wedding reception. The time of day also counts in this sense, as well as the exact venue. We have a few ideas for you to explore.

Let’s take for instance small informal affairs that occur during daytime. You can into consideration having a brunch reception. Serve fewer drinks and cut expenses on alcohol. It’s less probable for your guests to drink that much during morning hours. Choose lighter beverages instead, such as coffee, tea or juice. These drinks are appropriate for different ages. Order mixed salads based on fruits and diverse pastries. Light lunch wedding receptions are casual or semi-formal events that can take place anytime between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm. Use home-style entrees to delight your guests, such as barbecued chicken and other meats with vegetable side dishes. Picnic and teas are also recommended for light lunch reception menus. Serve sodas, hot and ice teas, small sandwiches and scones.


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