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Because your wedding day it’s going to be as crazy as it get, you should make it a little bit less stressful with some simple wedding reception menus.The first thing you should do, like in everything, you should have a plan. It’s the best idea to have a well done plan about the types of food you would like your guests to taste. Keep it simple and try to think that  more sophisticated you want to make it,  harder  it’s going to be for you. Take into consideration these ideas:

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  • If you are a traditional person and if the wedding includes your family culture as well, then a traditional menu is great. Food from your country is going to be tasty and it’s easy to find. Then you have to worry about a particularly group and it’s going to be so easy to chose the types of food your want.
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    Forget about shocking everyone: sometimes a simple menu reception is all that your need. Everybody will be comfortable even if you give them a cup of coco. Of course feel free to dress up your dishes in an elegant way, a chess macaroni dish might be your answer.
  • Cocktail parties are the trend of this era. Everybody throws them and all the called people show up. It’s kind of impossible not to show up: you have a little bit of everything and a good atmosphere. Plenty of bite-size nosh served in large dishes it’s a great way to give some variety to your guests.
  • Barbeque are also the easygoing way to say: We are so happy. Thank you for being here ! If you need a little bit of sophistication you can call a a caterer.

Now here are some examples of simple wedding reception menus:

Appetizer: bean salad (won’t break the bank and has an elegant look) and stuffed mushrooms ( it’s more substantial and looks chick and tasty anywhere)
Salad: fruit salad (refreshing and it looks beautifully), mixed greens ( a simple but essential part of the menu), Chicken salad ( perfect for summer menus, being absolutely delicious)
Main course: Chicken (you should try a mushroom glaze or a lemon herb sauce as a simple topping), Pasta ( lasagna and tomato sauce, rosemary new potatoes, wild rise, glazed carrots, etc)

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To have a simple wedding reception, and simple wedding reception menus might be the best decision you make. If you ask yourself why, ask again. First it’s the financial part. Imagine how much you will save. The cost of great menus are astronomical, if you opt for a simple menus costs will be much more cheaper. You may be able to pay the fee for that house you want so much. Think in perspective when you complicate things for yourself. Be a little selfish and think that it’s your great night and you have to feel good, in the first place, then your guests. Don’t worry about them, they will like the food arrangement for sure. Choosing a simple wedding reception menu doesn’t mean it won’t be elegant or formal. It can be as elegant and as formal as you want. Make it beautiful, make it your day !


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