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if you’re getting married soon and if you want to have a smaller ceremony, the one and most important item that you need is a simple wedding dress. While a lot of brides need all the bells in order to be happy on their wedding day, some other brides chose to go for something simple and beautiful. In the same time if you chose something simple and beautiful, you chose something cheaper as well. Simple wedding dresses are in fact very pretty wedding dresses. don’t you think that if you go for a simple wedding dress you won’t look like a bride, because you will, you will look like a very pretty bride.


Not everybody needs the puffy princess wedding dress  to feel like a true bride. Some brides that get married on the beach wear just a white scarf around their body. Anything natural works if you feel good in it. Before deciding anything regarding your simple wedding dress, you need to see what type of theme would your wedding have. It also counts here are you getting married. if you’re decided and if you know what you’re looking for, then it’s settled, the next step is to go out there and to find your simple wedding dress.

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Check all the styles and designs you can purchase in a wedding dress, even though if you’re looking for a simple wedding dress you won’t need any sophisticated fabric or design.  It’s very easy to find a simple wedding dress. You don’t have to go to any sophisticated bridal shops or boutiques, you just need to go to any type of shops. You can find a simple wedding dress at any simple shop. Besides, nobody wants to pay thousands of dollars on a puffy wedding dress that she will never wear again. A simple wedding dress can be very beautiful and the price will be pretty as well.

Take a day off all the stress and go with your best friend or with your mum and try to find your simple wedding dress. As I’ve said it shouldn’t be hard to find it and it will surely be fun. Another reason why brides choose simple wedding dresses over wedding gowns is  destination weddings. You will rather pack a simple wedding dress than try to get right a big, sophisticated wedding gown. it’s much easier to handle a simple wedding dress and besides you won’t pay anything for the transportation.

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Many smart people say that what’s simple can be one of the most beautiful things in the world. Even something simple can make you feel special. You don’t need flashlight, expensive clothes  to be elegant and beautiful, that’s for sure. Keep it simple and keep all the wedding in a line, in this way you won’t do any mistake that you’ll make you or any of your wedding arrangements to look not-real or ostentatious. A simple wedding dress is exactly what you need to keep things balanced properly. Wear it proud and be beautiful on the most important day of your life!


Jenny got married. And she loved the experience of organizing it so much that she started to write about it.



  1. I really love the first dress under “Simple Dresses”. It has a scalloped v-neck embroidered top, a gathered waist at the side, and a satin like fabric from the waist down. Who makes it or where can I find it? I love your site; I wish you’d post the names and manufacturers of the dresses!


  2. Hellow “Shooting star” !
    The dress is designed by Alvina Valenta. Thank you for reading our website.

    Good luck!

    i-weddingdresses.com representant

  3. The 1st dress in the second photo grouping (with the flower at the waist) is absolutely gorgeous! Can you tell me who designed it?
    Thank you!

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