Simple Outdoor Wedding Centerpieces

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Planning a modern wedding is never easy, at least not now when there are so many unique themes, colors and designs to follow! But before you start planning or buying anything for your big day, we suggest you learn more about the new concepts, principles and directions of the modern wedding. There are no stoned definitions to follow, it’s true, but you can always find creative ideas and designs that you can adopt or get inspired from for your own wedding.

Our website features lots of relevant and beautiful flower arrangement pictures that you can browse in search of the ideal theme or style for your ceremony or reception. In this article we are going to discuss about casual outdoors weddings and offer you a few beautiful samples of floral arrangements that you can consider for the reception party.

Simple Outdoors Wedding Centerpieces

Simple Outdoors Wedding Centerpieces (source:

As you can see in the images, these centerpieces look extremely simple, clean and natural! They seem like they have been created or designed especially for those who are planning a cozy intimate wedding in a backyard or in a garden. That’s true, but the exquisite beauty, elegance and refinement of these decorations can fit many other types of weddings booked for open fields, country-sides, parks or woods and forests. You can even choose or plan similar simple outdoors wedding centerpieces or a destination wedding on a beach or island! It all depends on the formality and theme you’ve picked for the wedding.

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Simple Outdoors Wedding Centerpieces

Simple Outdoors Wedding Centerpieces (source:

We wanted to say that the new types of romanticism or elegance are nowadays seen through the simplistic style. The natural style and vibrancy of an outdoor location are definitely the elements or the qualities that you should look for when planning a wedding of this kind. You don’t have to use too many flowers, greeneries, accessories or decorative items to make the table decorations look eye-catchy or impressive. Keep in mind that the principle “less is more” is not a metaphor or a joke. When we’re talking about outdoors weddings or casual ceremonies and reception, the details and the creative accents are those that make the difference and add uniqueness to the décor. The small personalized details and touches, such as these colorless bottle recipients used for these delightful flower stems.

Simple Outdoors Wedding Centerpieces

Simple Outdoors Wedding Centerpieces

It’s essential to pick a theme or a color scheme that you can follow for the entire wedding. The colors will also add more richness and vibrancy to your simple outdoors wedding centerpieces. We like the way the designers used fewer stems of garden roses, gerbera daises, dahlias and ranunculuses to create discreet, chic and playful arrangements. As you can see, the orange and pink colors are in charge with making the atmosphere more energizing, inviting and warm. You can use any other color or type of flower, according to your preferences or wedding theme. We suggest you use the flower blooms that are available in the season of your wedding because they are more affordable in price, more fragrant, vibrant and fresh! Browse for the other outdoors wedding bouquet and centerpiece pictures featured on our website!11

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  1. Ruth

    June 20, 2012 at 8:09 pm

    Beautiful ideas and photos. I was wondering what kind of branches, sticks and filler were used in the above photograph with the simple glass vase, 3 orange roses and 2 or 3 branches. I’ve searched around but cannot find another copy of this image besides your site. Thank you!!


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