Simple modest wedding dresses

Wedding Dresses | August 11 2010 | by Jenny | 4 Comments

There are tens of inspired ways to make a simple wedding dress look totally eye-catching, glamorous, chic, elegant, feminine and romantic.
Because of the fact that not all the brides are wealthy enough to be able to spend a fortune on an expensive extravagant wedding dress, the vast majority of the modern brides are finally deciding to follow the easy innocent simple way and buy a modest wedding dress that can still be beautified with all kinds of embroideries, embellishments and patterns.

But in general, most simple wedding dresses that are created in a contemporary trendy style feature a surprising element such as a colored sash, a beaded waist band, a floral pattern or a whimsical pattern or design.

That is why you don’t have to worry that a simple wedding dress might make you look too plain, boring, unattractive and totally inappropriate for a wedding day. In case you’re interested in wearing something that is not too revealing, too sexy, too ostentatious, too sophisticated or too voluminous and formal, a simple modest wedding dress might be the style that you should look for.

The bridal shops are filled with simple casual wedding dresses for beach, garden, park or island weddings. It doesn’t really matter whether you are or not a destination type of bride, because a simple and clean wedding dress can be worn on almost any type of wedding context, less in a fancy cathedral, castle or expensive royal restaurant or local.

Most modern simple wedding dresses

are designed with a breezy light weight style, in order to provide the contemporary bride with the necessary comfort and practicality – things that are vital for any bride during the wedding day.

Among the most popular types of simple wedding dresses that can be purchased from any local bridal store are: spaghetti strap wedding dresses, halter wedding dresses, strapless wedding dresses, empire waist wedding dresses, sheath wedding dresses, high-low hemline wedding dresses, wedding dresses with color, short wedding dresses or tea length wedding dresses.

As we said before, if you are not satisfied with the way your simple wedding dress looks like, you can immediately take it to a professional sewer or to a seamstress that can add a touch of glamour and style.

You can beautify the dress with feathers, with surface ruffles or frills, with bows, ribbons, sashes, colored coordinated ribbons or waist bands, with flowers or floral patterns or with jewel appliqués.

Any bride who is planning on having fun, dance and enjoy the wedding party should opt for a practical simple wedding dress. The comfort is another reason why a bride should decide to go with a practical simple and modest wedding dress and not necessary the money.11


  1. Julie

    October 14, 2010 at 4:17 am

    hi there, that last dress with the open back is beautiful, with the vintage feel that I’m looking for. Do you know who the designer is?



  2. Anna

    October 15, 2010 at 2:13 am

    Enter here to find more information or ask about the dress here:



  3. Alyssa Besser

    October 16, 2010 at 8:58 pm

    who is the designer for the empire waist dress? the model with the big blond side bun? i want this dress.


  4. brooke

    December 21, 2010 at 3:02 pm

    In the pictures, the wedding gowns are indeed simple and modest. I don’t like them. I might say I like the third one and that because of the V-cut. But the dresses in the video…..AMAZING. All of them. I tried to find faults in them, and I couldn’t. They are modern. They are all elegant. Some of them are indeed simple. The others are just amazing. It is a beautiful collection, with dresses in clean cut lines, with simple yet sophisticated embroideries. I love all the accessories, I love the model. It is a very beautiful one. I wonder if it is a real bride-to-be. And there are some very nice hair styles presented as well, making everything about that fake bride look so real. Amazing collection. Thanks for the article and the inspiration.


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