Simple Las Vegas court wedding

Wedding Tips & Ideas | January 17 2011 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

Nowadays, it is all about information. It is essential, mandatory to be informed no matter the subject. Information is out there trying to win us over, trying to conquer us in any way possible. The same phenomenon happens when the discussion is on wedding planning. You are now engaged and you start thinking about the wedding day: when, where and how. The first thing you do is find more information. All efforts will lead in the same direction
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That is why you screen the market, you ask around for opinions and that is why you read stories. In the end the puzzle will make itself on its own. This is the beauty of the process: one action triggers the other. Sometimes that helps you and sometimes it doesn’t. The theme of this day is the most important trigger. According to the theme and to the number of guests you can choose one location or another. The location also implies changes and so on and so forth.

What if you made plans easier, simpler yet original? What if there was an easy way out of this planning deal that everybody is so worried about? For example, you could make some travel arrangements and go straight to Las Vegas. This is the ultimate wedding destination. Not only that you have beautiful locations but also you have professionals ready to help you. Wedding vendors, retailers and coordinators are there to make all your dreams come true. They are very much influenced by what you tell them. Your dreams are the foundation. Everything is easy when the perfect plan is a simple Las Vegas court wedding. You can invite a couple of friends and the most important members of your family. It doesn’t have to be something special or out of the ordinary: just a simple ceremony in a simple setting.

However, you still have to prepare a little bit. It is important to learn a couple of things about what a court wedding in Las Vegas actually means. My Vegas is one of the most resourceful sites when it comes to guiding people around. They will tell you what papers you need and what you should do. To get a marriage license in Las Vegas seems easy. It’s not a long and tiring process and there is no waiting period. All you have to do is to sign some papers and fill-in some forms and no other extra planning actions. Sounds more and more interesting, doesn’t it?

The truth is that you can make this day as simple and modest as you like it. Sometimes on your search for material perfection we leave out the non-important stuff like feelings and emotions. So, why not change the pattern for once, and just enjoy that moment just as it is? Without any fireworks or other special effects. It will be just the two of you, a couple of rings and the officials. An image that may sound dull when in fact it is not.


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  1. Letty

    January 17, 2011 at 6:02 pm

    You know… you are so right! Why bother with all those extra things? Even simpler and original is to have a double wedding. What I want to say? It’s easy. The ones we chose as our godparents are in love and not married yet. So we thought… why not get married at the same time? They don’t want a big wedding either. They too want to marry as simpler as possible. So… I might just tell them about going to Vegas, where this idea of ours would be so simple to come to life. And thanks to your article here and the link offered, this dream of hours could become true. not to mention the honeymoon … I always dreamed of a honeymoon in Vegas, so i think it would be the best event ever!


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