Simple drive thru wedding in Las Vegas

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Weddings have either fans or enemies. Weddings are either hated or loved and there is hardly enough time and energy to find the middle way. Of course, the image is not black and white but there are many people claiming that it’s just too much planning to do. Well, they couldn’t be more right. Weddings are about planning and about time schedules and about phone calls and meetings. However, your wedding day is not something you get to plan on a regular basis. It happens only once in most cases.
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There is no wonder everybody wants to have a perfect day and nothing below this idea. So, if you are not a fan of wedding planning there is nothing to worry about: some vendor out there has though of a solution for you as well. The industry is so agitated, so to say that there are many changes to plan pretty much what you want. Any changes are accepted and encouraged as long as it is possible to take care of the logistics in time. As you can see, the plan is pretty simple and easy to perform.

Now, the only question you need to ask yourselves before proceeding to anything is this one: big, fancy wedding or elope to Las Vegas? This is the crucial question of this entire issue. For those who don’t care that much about flowers, bands and caterers to elope seems the best idea. The others will have a lot of work to do but that is their personal choice so it shouldn’t be argued.

When you elope to Las Vegas, the plan is very simple: you take a couple of rings, a dress and a suit, some cash and love in your hearts. So far it all sounds like a plan, doesn’t it? The truth is that is it. Vendors have thought of another way to help you: simple drive thru wedding in Las Vegas. What you have here is a simple ceremony without too much fuss and preparation. There is no careful planning, no details to take into account. You just take your car and say the right words. It just doesn’t get simpler than that. Plus, when the ceremony is over you can turn the car and start enjoying life as a married couple, as a “we”. The casinos are right down the street, it’s impossible to miss them and the airport is ready to fly you away to your honeymoon destination. It’s great to be in Las Vegas when all the doors are opened and everybody is asking you in.

However, no matter if you want a simple drive thru wedding in Las Vegas you still have to pay attention to what is happening around you. The market is dynamic and there are many options but not all of these offers are really worth your attention.

The sooner you understand that, the better it will turn out to be for you. All Las Vegas Tours will explain how these weddings work. More than that, they will put you in contact with the right people in the area. They will give you phone numbers and addresses and encourage you to pay a visit. It’s their way of wishing you a happy ever after.

For some people the wedding day is not necessarily about what flowers to choose, about what wedding chapel to pick, about what to serve at the reception and so on and so forth. For them is more about the intimacy of the moment than its public side. On the other side, there are voices claiming it is important how you get married. This is one of your most precious memories and it should not be done on the run. No matter the side you are on, what really matters is that you understand the subtitles as well as the titles. If you can not do that, then maybe you should not get married at all.


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  1. Jolene

    February 01, 2011 at 6:23 pm

    Eloping is the dream. Eloping on a beautiful summer day, a Saturday perhaps. Then going form chapel to chapel until we find the one that we like and some free space. Then, after the short ceremony, when we look into each others’ eyes and declare our love officially, just walk out of there laughing and instead of a reception visit the world that is Las Vegas: Paris, Egypt, Venetia, Rome or the castle of King Arthur. And in the evening, after a whole day of adventures, have dinner in a nice garden, just the two of us and the candle lights. Just the two of us, no one else to care about, feeling free to be eccentric and do whatever we want. So thank you for the links you gave, they might be useful.


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