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Wedding Invitations | December 09 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

With the wedding invitations the equation is simple: you, some names and a card. This is the perfect recipe and you don’t need any other ingredients. The more you look into the problem, the clearer it is that the equation will develop some variables. It is impossible to avoid that. This is why you have to start in time the process. Specialists recommend that you send out the wedding invitations six weeks before the wedding day.

This is how your guests will have time to plan their agenda, to make travel arrangements and so on. So, if you have to send the cards six weeks before the wedding then this means that you have to start working sooner than that. It’s math and it makes perfect sense. Wedding planning is not a joke or something sudden. When a wedding is too easy to plan, then it is not right, something will definitely happen in the end. At least, this is what they say.

You should think about some simple ideas when it comes to wedding invitations. You should choose a theme that is both unique and original but still captures a feeling of modesty. The wedding ceremony is by far one of the most important ceremonies in your life, if not the most important. It’s not just about the flowers, the décor or the music. It’s not even about the rings or the beautiful vows. The ceremony is about what all these things mean when put together: a new life, a new beginning. There is something magic, divine we might say about this moment that will change your life for ever. Well, at least it will change your life in theory but it’s nice to think that it goes deeper than that.

So, why not send your guests some simple Christian wedding invitations? The theme is both modest and special and it will perfectly underline the importance of the ceremony in the structure of this special day. The only dilemma remaining is where to find these invitations.

Luckily, there is more than one answer to this question. There are plenty of collections ready to offer an option. The American could be the first place to stop for models. They have a very interesting display of templates. Each model comes with some technical details and with the prices. Not only that they offer the designs and the color combinations but also the logistic support to make all this happen. With them it is easy to order and to send for print. For other options of simple Christian wedding invitations you could stop at Invitations by

They also have prepared an interesting collection for those curious. Their offer is simple: quality design and fabrics and modern printing methods. More than that, they will help you customize the card: change a color or two, add or remove some design lines and so on. It is easy when you have directions.

As it turns out, there are many retailers ready to give you all the support you need with the wedding invitations, no matter their style or their color. They are happy to work side by side with you until the result is spectacular. After a while you will feel a little bit tired of all the wondering around for samples. Don’t waste too much time with them. What you should do is stop at the sample that seems more your style and that best reflects your vision of this wedding. You have to like it first before any of your guest like it.11

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  1. Kirsten

    December 15, 2010 at 2:44 am

    There are numerous simple wedding invitations that look just great and I can tell you from my own experience because I have searched for the perfect wedding invitations for my own wedding that I have found on the Internet few simple wedding invitations that I really liked and which would have been certainly appreciated by many of the wedding guests because almost everyone enjoys a simple but beautiful invitation. If you consider that simple Christian wedding invitations is the proper way to go, why not? Maybe not everyone will be trilled with receiving an invitation of this kind but there will also be numerous people who will enjoy receiving something simple and religious…we might even be surprised to discover how many people would rather receive an invitation of this kind rather than a fancy one


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