Simple ankle length wedding dresses Miami

Wedding Dresses | September 23 2010 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

Are you planning a beach wedding or just a simple wedding ceremony near the ocean or perhaps in a more natural exotic or not set?
The perhaps you might want to take a look at these pictures with simple ankle length wedding dresses that can inspire you in choosing your own. Nowadays most modern brides are choosing to follow the simple path when it comes to wedding dress styles. The simplicity can be found in most contemporary wedding dress designs made by famous or less famous wedding dress designers.

The whole bridal beauty, elegance, innocence and refinement lies in the simplicity of the wedding dress. Casual, light-weight, flowing, comfortable, practical, chic, natural and feminine – are the main characteristics or features of a modern wedding dress.

But how many brides are actually willing to sacrifice the tradition of voluminous elaborated wedding gown and choose a simpler wedding dress that’s less sophisticated but incredibly elegant, delicate, soft and comfy? How many brides would have the courage to wear a simple ankle length wedding dress on the day?

We all know that the wedding day is the most important days of a bride’s life and no one is willing to settle for less. Perhaps in the conventional or modern bride’s visions simplicity equals a plain, boring, unattractive and unsuitable look for a wedding.

If you haven’t seen already the newest collections of the most famous wedding dress designers like Pronovias, Rosa Clara, Karl Lagerfeld or Nicole Miller, you should browse for a few pictures with 2010 -2011 wedding dresses made by these genius designers.

All these dresses are simple, soft, discreet, dainty and feminine, made from light-weight woolly fabrics, asymmetrical simple cuts and flowing ethereal lines that are capable of making a modern bride feel and look incredibly chic, coquette, romantic and commodious during the day.

The length of the dress is also important in making a bride feel cozy or not. If you’re not attracted to the idea of wearing a vintage tea length wedding dress on your wedding day perhaps you should give it a try with a sensual smooth simple ankle length wedding dress.

The ankle length is definitely the most appropriate one for a wedding on a beach, in a garden or anywhere else in the middle of the nature.

The most popular types of simple ankle length wedding dresses that you can find and choose from are: high neck or boat neckline A-line wedding dresses, spaghetti strap wedding dresses, halter wedding dresses, sheath or column style wedding dresses, empire waist wedding dresses, one shoulder Greek style wedding dresses or puffy ball gown wedding dresses meant to suit a more extravagant, fancy and yet playful cheerful wedding.

If you’re heading towards a simple Miami Beach wedding then this style might suit you like a glove. Of course, if you have nothing against showing a little bit of your leg’s skin and your romantic bridal shoes!11


  1. jacquie b

    September 25, 2010 at 11:20 pm

    I’m really, really. really interested in knowing who designed the second blue dress you have posted on the “blue wedding dress page” and where I can get it, Please Help me!!!!!!


  2. dana

    December 14, 2010 at 1:11 pm

    Very nice dresses. I believe this kind of dresses are the best dresses for a wedding. Their length suits every woman who wants to feel comfortable on her wedding day. You don’t need to hold it when you walk or dance, you don’t need to worry about dust or dirt. It also gives you the impression that you are floating and you are able to do everything that you want. And what’s more, you can pride yourself with your wedding shoes at any time. I can easily see myself dressed in something like this, on the beach, in a very romantic setting.


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