Simone Carvalli Bridesmaid Dresses

Wedding Dresses | February 26 2011 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

In this article we thought to bring a few of our favorite haute couture bridesmaids dresses made by one of the most ingenious and inspired fashion bridal designer – Simone Cravalli! We think that she really did managed working her magic in creating these stunningly beautiful and unique bridesmaids dresses we’re presenting you in these pictures.


We know that there are many brides out there interested in seeing more beautiful collections made especially for the bridesmaids in order to make the best decision at the end of the search. And since the bride is the one who gets to choose the outfits for the bridesmaids – or at least this happens in the majority of cases today, we thought to post here a few inspiring styles created by this designer in a marvelous and fancy way!

We are curious to hear your opinions and thoughts regarding these pretty chic and elevated Simone Carvalli bridesmaids dresses we’re proposing you here hopefully you will only have positive remarks to make. We love many things about this fabulous 2011 collection, especially the bold cuts, the modern designs and the dynamic electrifying colors used for the majority of these gowns.

Both casual and formal bridesmaids will be able to choose something totally attractive and adequate among these precious pieces we’re showing you here because the collection contains both sexy short and elegant long styles.

Compared to other bridesmaid’s dresses that we got the chance to see in other collections we must say that these ones here are 100% original, outstanding and fascinating. One can tell that every single gown was created with lots of care and attention to details, cuts and embroideries. We must also mention that these strikingly beautiful and sensual Simone Carvalli bridesmaid dresses were made of the finest silk and French lace fabrics so this is why the silhouettes look so sleek, luscious and luxurious.

Due to the expensive fabrics used by this designer in these dresses a woman can look absolutely glamorous, dainty, extravagant and high class. It’s all about high qualitative fabrics, cuts, designs and embellishments! Any one of you who want her bridesmaids to look hot and trendy should take into consideration choosing one of these set of charming Simone Carvalli bridesmaid dresses we’re showing you in these pictures.

The designs are all form-fitted and therefore sensuous, seductive and 100% feminine. They hug the body in a very nice and flattering way emphasizing the curves and the most beautiful side of the female silhouette. The predominant colors used by Simone Carvalli for her gowns are bold and provocative: navy blue, dark red, purple, bright orange, mint and emerald green, magenta, burgundy, black and brown.

We are convinced that you will be able to select your ideal dress among all these enchanting pieces here according to your own body shape, preferences and vision of the perfect bridesmaid outfit for you. We think that no matter what you choose, your look is going to be highly original, innovative, voguish and remarkable!11

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  1. reeva

    February 28, 2011 at 10:31 am

    I love these dresses here. I will ask my bridesmaids to choose the model they like from here themselves. Of course they will have to pay attention to the wedding theme and they will have to decide on a certain color, but I think I will let them choose the model they like the best, as long as the dress is either short or long. But I would love them to wear short dresses and the dresses to be green. I love this electrifying green from here and it so matches the whole wedding decoration scheme and theme. I will suggest them to choose from here one of these three dresses here. I would love them to wear that one shoulder strap dress, but any model they will choose will be wonderful.


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