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Traditionally wedding rings are the constant companions of a bright and memorable wedding ceremony. No matters how diverse are the creations of designers and jewelers; male and female ring should be always performed in a single style. In essence, wedding rings are a symbol of love and loyalty of a couple who decide to tie their fates together. These days, newlyweds are choosing less traditional wedding rings made in the ordinary form of gold bands, preferring unusual and original designs. Constant interest is being laid on unusual and refined products. Simon G wedding rings are the only ones so far that seem to fulfill these two wishes: originality and elegance.

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The demand for wedding rings made in a combination of yellow and white gold, symbolizing the harmony of the feminine and masculine, is quite increased, compared with previous years. However, if some time ago, these products were a couple of bands superimposed on each other or placed side by side, they now form interpenetrating songs, creating a whole out of two different parts.  Many couples tend to buy wedding rings with diamonds, because this is the stone representing purity and strength of love. Spouses treasured symbols of unity throughout life. Simon G Company has qualified consultants which will gladly help all married couples to choose the most charming wedding rings.

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From the bottom of their souls…

Simon G’s catalog of wedding rings not only offers elegant and refined pieces, but the models presented here are truly exclusive. Each wedding ring can be made of white, red or classic yellow gold inlaid with semi-precious or precious stones. Also, it is very important to note the talent of the jewelers who designed the ring for your future spouse by investing in it all the inspiration. Each wedding ring will find an abundance of luxury decorations. The products can be made of any gold, with magnificent emeralds, marvelous rubies or unsurpassed diamonds. Wedding rings, engagement rings or other unique jewelry will always be the one you love for rest of your life.

Gold and diamonds – the killer combination

Simon G wedding rings are shown in all their delights and diversity. Among the company’s products there are male and female wedding rings created in the same or different style, according to the wish of the client. It often happens that representatives of the strong half of mankind prefer to have classical rings, while brides can feel totally in love with a gentle and elegant ring, adorned with loose diamonds. It is believed that the female wedding ring is the most important, because it involves a lot more work and sometimes may be more complex than a male’s ring. However, this is not totally true: wedding rings for men are also significant. This is a sign of determination and informed choice of the representative of the stronger sex. All products are stylish and will look great on the fingers of the strong reliable defenders of the family. Women's rings are specially designed for gentle ladies’ fingers, so, yes, there is definitely a difference.

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If the couple wants to be as close as possible to each other, they will select stylistically identical wedding rings. These products are made of the same metal, are similar in design and differ only in size. Such wedding rings are very popular among today's brides. Simon G is offering newlyweds the most amazing wedding rings created in a pair. The price for such dual-decoration will be a pleasant surprise.

It happens that a couple cannot make the right choice, despite the extraordinary abundance of proposals. Unique wedding rings with diamonds can be made to order. Also, do not be worried, because this company has really reasonable prices.

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Chosen at will

Simon G Company is pleased to offer their customers ready-made wedding rings with exquisite beautiful decorations and unique glamorous models running on an order at very affordable prices.  Every detail of the ornaments, symbolizing the union of two loving people, is of great importance. As a rule, it is best to consider all the options – products made of red, yellow and white gold with diamonds or other precious stones. Every detail of the ring has a secret meaning, so try them all. You might be surprised.

Especially exquisite are the diamond rings made of white gold. Traditionally, this stone symbolizes the inviolability of the union of two hearts. I must say that the sparkling clear diamond has always been appreciated by newlyweds. These days, rich deposits allow all who wish to acquire such a piece of jewelry, to choose whatever they might like. If the couple cannot resist the attractive sheen and luxurious pure diamond, hence, their wedding rings will be future family heirlooms. Modern wedding rings with diamonds have, in addition to the central circular stone, a series of smaller droplets of the same shape.

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Exclusive wedding rings can be a series of interlocking rings in one, including an intricate pattern in conjunction with a variety of stones. The majority of flat products have several semi-cylindrical shapes with rounded edges. The preferred rings are oval in shape and longitudinal in section. Nowadays these products are basic and are important for the couple throughout their lives. A wedding ring must simply be stylish and a real statement. Modern wedding rings with diamonds are constantly changing. For example, a classic ring is considered to be the one that has a heart shaped diamond.  

The classic model, representing the absolute love, is a three-dimensional ring. It includes white gold, personifying friendship, yellow – fidelity, pink – love. In today's reading, this ‘Trilogy’ has a somewhat different form – a ring made of platinum or gold, is decorated with three precious stones, which means past, present and future relations between the pair.

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Special rings – cheap!

The most striking attributes of the overall wedding is a wedding ring and wedding dress. Despite the beauty of the latter, it will be worn only one day, while the ring will last for life. To make a wedding ring even more unique, the couple can engrave it on the inside. This may be the name of spouse, date of the wedding ceremony, ‘special’ words. Quite often, couples use inscriptions in Latin or famous phrases. But the surprise is not that: if you buy a wedding ring From Simon G, the engraving service is offered for free.



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