Should Rsvp Be Put On Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations | September 01 2009 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

Planning your wedding is a task that takes a lot of time as it requires a thoroughly attention paid to every detail that is part of a wedding composition. The first thing that draws your immediate attention is the dispatching of your wedding invitations. They are the details you have to work upon long before starting the actual wedding planning. This task is strictly related to the theme of the wedding, in case you choose to have any, or it has to be connected to the note you would like to imprint in the developing of your celebration. In this regard the design and the wording of the invitation card have to reflect your personality and style incorporating other details that might be helpful both for the invitees and your wedding unfolding.

These other details that a wedding invitation should include are the driving instructions for the locations which host the ceremony and the reception; these instructions are not only a helpful hand for your guests, but also they reflect the respect and concern you show towards your invitees. You wouldn’t like to know that in your wedding day some guests might have delays in attending to your wedding because they couldn’t find the exact location.

For your wedding you have a number of guests who you have listed in your wedding planner, on this number depending a lot of factors: the seats existing in the church for the wedding ceremony, the location that you plan to choose for your reception, either it’s a restaurant or an outside space that must be arranged with a certain number of chairs, or tables that need to be set inside a castle’s ball room and last but not least ordering the menu including the size of the wedding cake are factors that influence your decisions in organizing your wedding.

In this case you would need to know how many of your wedding invitees will be present, so should RSVPs be put on wedding invitations? RSVPs are a must in your wedding planning, either you will write them in the shape of a RSVP card attached to the wedding invitations or simply including with the invitation wording a request to reply in a due time. These RSVPs are the ones that will let you know how to further proceed with your wedding’s organization. The sooner you know about how many invitees will attend to your wedding the better you can go on with hiring locations (church and restaurant) and ordering the menu.

RSVPs need to be received in a period of time that will allow you to plan the wedding’s details in such a manner that will not let any delays to ruin the good running of a wedding planning. Requests for sooner replies can be done in the same note presented in the aspect of your invitation’s wording, but even if the wedding card has a less formal displaying, you have to include a polite tone while wording the RSVPs, since your purpose is to know as earlier as possible about the attendance of your guests.11

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