Short Wedding Vows

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Writing wedding vows is a tradition that most couples follow and it gives the opportunity to state their love in front of everyone present at the wedding. Writing the vows with your own words is a beautiful thing, but it takes some time and though in order to write them in their best way, but it is definitely worth it. Short wedding vows are direct and get to the point, but this does not mean they are not important. As long as you succeed in saying what you feel in a couple of lines and you know how to choose the right words, wedding vows can have the length you want. There isn’t actually a limit, but it is best they are not that long either.

It is a couple’s choice to write wedding vows, so both of you should be okay with the idea, so make a plan for writing them. You can even choose a short poem that expresses what you truly feel and which is meaningful for both of you, or you can write about your relationship, your expectations, your dreams and life as a couple. It is recommended to write wedding vows separately, so you don’t use the same ideas and same words. Vows must be unique and written in a representative style. You can spend time and write vows separately about your favorite moment together, stories and so and then you can share what you have done so far and decide how it is best to meld down together into a meaningful theme.

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After you settled the theme and about how the vows would sound, you can make an outline that is very helpful for the actual writing. Decide how you would like the wedding vows to start, what the containing elements will be and how will they end. If you are aiming for poems, choose them correctly. When it comes to the length, here applies the saying “less is more”. Short wedding vows are more effective and once the draft is written, let them be for a couple of days and then come back to them. Read them again and see if there are any changes you would make.

142563 short wedding vows Short Wedding Vows

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Keep the vows brief, even if your vows belong to you and address to your future spouse, there are many people who will be present and they want to listen to both of you and attend the ceremony as well.



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