Short Casual Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | March 26 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

For a hot summer wedding day brides-to-be can always go with a short casual wedding dress. The mid-length bridal wears are extremely trendy and popular among those of you who are looking for something sexy, chic, elegant and still comfortable. If you are planning on an evening wedding ceremony and reception, then these beautiful short casual wedding dresses are the best choice for you.

More and more women feel attracted to the idea of wearing a practical but still gorgeous wedding dress. Simple weddings are gaining more and more ground and followers among women who wish to wear a stylish, simple, casual and light wedding dress.

For outdoor weddings these short casual wedding dresses are the perfect solution. For example, if you love the ocean and want to spend your special day on a sandy beach, then wear a short casual wedding dress to make sure that you will feel comfortable, able o move and walk through the sand and pretty feminine. That’s right, short casual wedding dresses are extremely feminine and lovely on any kind of body.

On the other hand, if you love the sound and landscape of nature then plan your wedding day somewhere in a beautiful garden, on a field, in a back-yard, on a mountain or in a balloon, why not! Among the most appreciated and desired short casual wedding dress designs, you can find the off-the-shoulder wedding dress, the strapless dress and those who are beautifully adorned with flowery prints.

For a tropical beach wedding day you can wear something more exotic, uniquely decorated with exotic flowers. You can wear a lei around your neck for a ore original appearance. A casual, relaxed, simple and still elegant wedding requires any silk short casual wedding dress. Silk is one of the most suitable fabrics for a short casual wedding dress. Women love it because the fabric looks amazing and elegant on any kind of body and dress designs, especially on those that are shorter and simpler.

For a summer wedding, silk is the perfect fabric because it is light weight, soft, bright, shiny, sleek and eye-catching. You can wear a short casual wedding dress to a private, intimate and simple wedding day, surrounded only by families, relatives, friends and guests.

More and more modern couples feel attracted to the contemporary wedding that is simpler and extremely fashionable. Many of us are trying to escape the big, fussy, elaborated traditional wedding, therefore easily heading for a more comfortable and informal wedding event. You can always have an easy and light ambience but still a very chic wedding. Simple means actually that you have more freedom to create whatever you desire and still wear sophisticated, adorable and elegant. You can choose any color for a short casual wedding dress, especially because a summer wedding dress comes in various bright and bold colors.11

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  1. Sharena

    January 17, 2011 at 4:22 pm

    Until a while ago I thought short wedding dresses are just not fit or worthy of a wedding. No matter how many I’ve seen in movies or with different occasions. But then I attended the wedding of a friend of mine and I finally understood how great a wedding of this kind can be. And for that type of wedding she had I couldn’t imagine her wearing something else. Now I’m trying to see whether I could find a dress that would make me wear it. I’m still not convinced I could wear one, but why not looking for one? And since I like your site, I thought I’d give it a try here. I like what you posted. All these dresses here are so elegant and nice. I like the second from bottom more than the others. It fits my personality more.


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