Sherbet color wedding dresses

Wedding Dresses | July 21 2010 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

When one hears about the vintage fashion, the first thing that may come into her mind is that old dusty gown that her grandmother used to wear in her ages. But there is something about the vintage or the antique style that never seems to get out of fashion.
There is a very wise saying: the trends might get old fashioned but the style will always be “in style”. There is this huge difference between these two concepts of “fashion” and “style” that every bride must have it clear in her mind in order to make the best choice towards the wedding dress. There is a large number of new designs, patterns and mostly colors that are now in vogue, representing somehow the antique-retro era and style.

The sherbet color is one of the most appreciated, desired and fancied colors that modern wedding dress creators are promoting at this moment. So, if you are a vintage style lover, then you can try to follow this hot and trendy route with sherbet color wedding dresses.

The natural look of the bride is the one that counts in our modern days when everything tends to be very extravagant, pompous, grating or strident. Now that everything is “allowed”, more and more brides of the moment are attracted to disco colored wedding dresses with bold and dynamic tones like deep red, emerald green, violet, navy blue, purple, forest green, vintage orange and lime green, fuchsia, hot pink or aqua blue.

Well, besides this trend with courageous colored wedding dresses, brides who are looking for a more natural bridal appearance can always choose to go with a pastel tone colored wedding dress. As we said above, the sherbet color is in big vogue right now.

If you are wondering what types of colors can be labeled as “sherbet”, you can  simply think of anything that is related to pastel shades of fruits like raspberries, citrus, limes, strawberries, cherries, peaches, mangos, vanilla, melon, chocolate, etc., and discover the magnificent color of this lovely desert that can be incorporated into the wedding dress through different patters.

Floral pattern wedding dresses are also in vogue in 2010. In case you are happy to wear a full colored wedding dress, just go for it. For those who are not bold enough to wear a colored wedding dress, the idea of incorporating a subtle warm color in the wedding dress might be the best one to go with.

You can use a beautiful sherbet colored sash to tie the waist just for a bit of a delicate colorful look, or you can have the neckline or the hem line of the dress colored for a more appealing, unique and stylish look. One can also choose a jeweled pattern that includes a few beads, crystals, pearls and diamonds colored in sherbet. Keep in mind that sherbet color wedding dresses can be worn especially for casual beach weddings, as well as they can be perfect for any nature outdoors type of wedding.11


  1. Stacy

    July 21, 2010 at 11:17 am

    These wedding dresses really are sweet like candy. Especially the one in the last picture. I could eat it all up. Lovely dresses but I can’t help but wonder how much they cost. They must be really expensive.


  2. Dominique

    July 21, 2010 at 11:17 am

    Are you kidding me? These dresses are awful. I mean the models are nice but the color is not. I think wedding dressed should all be white because we are really starting to miss the point of a wedding and it’s starting to turn more into a fashion show. You’re not supposed to wear blue, green, red or pink wedding dressed because white is the internationally accepted color of wedding dresses.


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