Sheet Wedding Cakes

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A sheet cake is a rectangular cake with no tiers, so it’s definitely not the traditional wedding cake. However, such cakes can be really delicious and good-looking without costing you a fortune, so if you are dealing with a limited budget, you should definitely consider them. Not to mention that they take less time to make, so you will be able to enjoy a beautiful wedding cake even if you are trying to plan the event in a matter of weeks. Also important is that sheet wedding cakes aren’t challenging to transport, so the chances of disaster affecting your perfect wedding cake are extremely slim.

Sheet Wedding Cakes

Sheet Wedding Cakes (Photo by: Ken Mayer)

In fact there is an entire list of advantages associated with sheet wedding cakes. First of all, they tend to be pretty inexpensive. The typical wedding cake can end up costing you even $10 per slice, while a spectacular sheet wedding cake can be purchased in exchange for a price tag that involves paying only $4 per slice. You should also know that a sheet cake can be ordered even a few weeks before the wedding. So, if you are trying to put together a wedding in two months, you will definitely have to give up the multi-tier cake because that cake needs to be ordered months before the wedding. In addition, less waste tends to be generated by sheet cakes because when cut they don’t fall apart as easily as multi-tier cakes. That’s also the reason why they are extremely unlikely to be ruined by an accident.


The other good news is that sheet cakes can be easily decorated in a romantic and even unique manner. Because an entire rectangular surface is available you can even have the bakers paint on the cake a photo that you really like. You also have the possibility to add fresh or edible flowers to the basis of the cake and all sorts of figurines on top of it. For instance, if after the wedding you plan on leaving for your honeymoon, you should use the smooth surface of the rectangular cake in order to paint the décor of the honeymoon location you have chosen. In that decor you should be the main actors. If you are not interested in such a complex decoration, you should consider writing on top of the cake only a few wedding wishes or a phrase of love that you really like.

Sheet Wedding Cakes

Sheet Wedding Cakes (Photo by: Kevin Ho)

If you don’t want to give up the idea of showing off a beautiful traditional wedding cake but you want to order a more affordable sheet wedding cake that will be easier to serve in even slices to your guests, you should consider using a fake multi-tier wedding cake as centerpiece and serving to the guests a delicious sheet cake. Artificial wedding cakes are pretty easy to find and are usually pretty realistic being made from foam or frosted cardboard. My advice is to talk with the baker that will make the sheet cake and ask him/her to loan you one of the cakes on display. To be able to cut the fake cake you should replace its top fake tier with real cake.


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