Sheer wedding dresses

Wedding Dresses | July 06 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

If you are looking for something truly unique, spectacular, eye-catchy and sensual for the big wedding day, you should definitely consider wearing a sheer wedding dress.

The sheer wedding dress or the sheer bodice is definitely a very special, sleek, sexy and appealing style that can be chosen for an elegant, select and provocative wedding. The sheer dress refers to the clear fabric that exposes the back or even the neck of the bride in a very sensual and attractive way. Most brides who decide to wear a sheer wedding dress on the big day are usually choosing to buy a dress that is sewed with a skin tone material under the sheer embroidery.

If you find this type of dress to be very provocative and too out of place for a sacred wedding day but you madly love this style, you can opt for a full sheer wedding dress with an extra layer of material under the embroidery. There are a few sheer wedding dresses that can be found in Oscar De La Renta’s collections where the dresses feature a sheer appliqué all over the dress for a more feminine, pretty, sweet and romantic floral look. You can look for sexy sheer wedding dresses with the exposure on the back, or only on the skirt, depending on what you prefer.

It’s important for a modern bride to feel comfortable and confident in her wedding dress and skin, and a sheer wedding dress might give you troubles and discomfort during the whole day while you are trying to protect your body from insistently glances.

We can actually say that only bolder brides are willing to sacrifice their bridal innocence, and their pure and natural look for wearing a sheer wedding dress that can make them more remarkable, outstanding and unique among so many contemporary brides who are going simple, casual and comfy.

You should be very careful with the bra or with the underwear in general, because a modern sheer wedding dress might only expose all your secret body places. This is one of the many reasons why most brides are running away from this type of dress.

Finding the suitable underwear that can go with this type of dress usually causes problems. But in general, bridal stores that sell sheer wedding dresses are equipped with the corresponding bridal underwear. Besides these tiny details that need to be arranged in order to make the bride feel both elegant and practical in the dress, the sheer wedding dress has definitely something unique, special and truly sensual that makes it so seductive and appreciated by the brides.

In general sheer wedding dresses can be suitable for any type of wedding – formal or casual, summer or winter, due to its special elegance, style, refinement and class.11

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  1. Dena

    April 16, 2011 at 6:36 am

    I seems that sheer wedding dresses are exactly as you said and I tend to fall in love with them. They are very nice and they seem to be very comfortable. I love the first dress like nuts, it’s simply beautiful, so feminine and so chic, simple in line but with the cuts and the pattern of the fabric extraordinarily beautiful. I think I would look quite well wearing it and the whole attire matches my wedding as well. I would still wear a headpiece or a veil, I wouldn’t let it that simple, but after all there have to be matching veils available as well. Great article and great pictures.


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