Sensational Pleated Style Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | December 08 2010 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

All the modern brides of today who are interested in wearing something truly dramatic, fashionable and ultra chic should definitely take a look at these phenomenal and sensational pleated style wedding dresses posted in the photos below. We honestly must confess that we have never seen such spectacular, one of a kind and highly classy bridal gowns designed with the pleated style.


All these magnificent gowns that you get the chance to admire on this page were made by the famous bridal couturier Elie Saab for one of one of her most impressive and extravagant bridal collection for the year 2011. Those of you who are interested in seeing more of this designer’s original creations should look into the bridal collection named “Elie”. The entire collection was designed for Pronovias in the specific marvelous and highly sophisticated way.

The pleated style is quite fresh and new on the market or in this pompous industry of wedding dresses and bridal gowns. In general it is capable of providing the overall design or appearance of the dress with a richer texture and a more eye-catchy and coquette look. These pleats or drapes can be made in various designs and patterns, depending on the exact formality of the gown or on the couturier’s vision. The drapes can be horizontal, vertical, seashell-like, diagonal or even circular. It all depends on how extravagant, exquisite and elaborated the wedding dress must look in the end. In this gorgeous collection you will be able to choose from a few sensational pleated style wedding dresses made in a sheath style, empire waist or even in a fascinating ball gown style.

No matter the design of the dress or of the pleated style, we must admit that these silhouettes are anything but plain, predictable, boring or unattractive. These gowns are not at all standard or simple. They can’t be classified as “regular wedding dresses”. As you can observe in these images, all these sensational pleated style wedding dresses are very sexy, feminine and appealing. Elie Saab likes to use only refined and expensive fabrics which can offer the bride a very soft, sensual and provocative silhouette. The twisty style that predominates in these ravishing gowns is meant to provide the bride with a spectacular, original and unforgettable look for the big day.If you are planning an ample dramatic and sophisticated wedding, or the contrary, a casual, intimate and very elegantly chic wedding, we advise you to give it a try with one of these highly contemporary and breath-taking gowns.

You will be able to find stunning thick strap pleated style sheath wedding dresses accented with high slits made of lace, or extravagant ball gown silhouette wedding gowns with pleated origami inspired necklines, like this dramatic and exceptional one shoulder style presented below in this picture. The collection features not only sensational pleated style wedding dresses but romantic and impressive voluminous lace wedding dresses too. Browse for more of these extraordinary gowns on this designer’s website.11


  1. Karen White

    December 09, 2010 at 9:33 am

    They look so extravagant and worthy of a movie star. Or for someone whose dream was to become a movie star and didn’t have the chance to do it. I particularly like the sexy things, but I am also aware that weddings cannot be only sexy, as not all guests would taste a wedding whose theme is sexiness. But these dresses really combine intimacy, elegance and hot desires in a very modern way. The fabric combination is exquisite as well. Satin I believe it is and lace, these soft and fluid fabrics that would make any bride feel they are floating on their wedding day. I wonder however how many of us can afford such a dress. Fortunately, we can dream of them once in a while.


  2. daiana

    December 18, 2010 at 6:14 am

    I like the pleated style as I believe it can be used to cover or reveal. And these dresses show exactly this. I especially like the first dresses you chose to present here. The pleats are used with moderation but in such a way as to bring intricacy for the gown. The pleats lose themselves so naturally in the more wider lines of the dress, creating the image of waves and the illusion of floating. Moreover, the pleats on the waist can easily hide the not so fabulous waist a model has, making any bride look tremendous dressed in it. It is one dress that, if too expensive, can definitely serve as a model.


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