Self Written Wedding Vows

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The most impressive and sensible moment when it comes to a wedding is definitely the exchange of vows. They are special and they have to be chosen with a lot of attention in order to create a special moment and to impress all your guests with the power of your feelings. Try to talk to your next to be husband about the wedding vows and try to settle together what kind of wedding vows to have. You can choose some classic wedding vows, which are offered by the Catholic Church and which are simple but elegant and meaningful. You can personalize them or you can even write some new ones, which is the most original and interesting option. Try to choose whatever you feel as being suitable for you and try to choose them well. If you have decided to write your wedding vows then you have to be extremely careful.

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Some original and unique wedding vows are not easy to make. You have to do your best to find the best way to express your feelings and your emotions for your loved one. If you manage to do this then you can be sure that you are going to impress him and that your wedding vows are going to be some perfect ones. Try to find the most suitable words which can help you make your husband feel what you have in mind and in your heart. Try to tell a short story about him (a very short one), try to talk about his qualities and about the reasons you love him, try to talk about how much this marriage means to you and try to make some realistic promises about the future.

140489 self written wedding vows Self Written Wedding Vows

Self Written Wedding Vows (Source:

You must also settle with your husband if you want to read each other’s wedding vows before the wedding day or if you are going to surprise each other in front of the aisle. In this case, if you choose not to read them before, you may want to settle the type of vows, too. It is inappropriate that you have some romantic wedding vows and your husband to have some funny ones. With a lot of communication and some imagination your can transform the exchange of vows into a really romantic and special moment which will remain in your memory for a long, long time. Try not to forget about the cameraman, you must ask him to film this moment in order to have the possibility to review it after several years.



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