Second Wedding Reception

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Planning a second wedding should not be extremely difficult or complicated. But the couple needs to follow a few certain rules regarding the etiquette. Getting married for the second time is a unique thing to do, especially for those who already have children from former marriages. There are many things to consider at this point. You must find the right wording for the invitations, the most adequate wardrobe and the most efficient way to include the kids in the party. There’s the reception with its special etiquette rules as well. Those who are getting married the second time need to know a few basic things about who to invite and how to deal with the exes and their family.

Many of those who decide to wed again choose a smaller reception. The formality is also more indulgent, based on a more casual type of celebration. But those who have done it small the first time can now plan a big wedding. The important thing is for the bride to have her share of popularity and fantasy, specific to any wedding day, regardless of the social context. The bride, the groom and their children (if the case) should feel comfortable in the wedding, and this is one of the most important aspects to consider. You can try something completely different this time. If the first wedding was traditional and elaborated, this can be smaller and more intimate.

Second Wedding Reception

Second Wedding Reception (Photo by: SharonaGott)

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First weddings are often based around the couple’s parents and family and their wishes. But this second wedding can be more on your taste and about you! It wouldn’t be right to hold this wedding in the same place where your first reception took place. It wouldn’t be wise to do this because there might be many memories there to experience, and this wouldn’t be a very pleasant thing to do. You don’t want to put your guests to the same experience either. Besides this, they will be tempted to make comparisons between your first wedding and your second one.

Experts in field recommend modern brides and grooms who are getting married the second time around to plan an adventurous wedding on a top of a mountain or by the sea. This would be a great opportunity to get away from the city and mix your wedding day with a fun vacation. Second weddings are based on a lesser traditional etiquette. So it wouldn’t be a bad idea to host your wedding at a ski resort or even on a cruise ship! You can go for a campground wedding if you prefer something more authentic. Destination weddings that occur on the beach are very popular among those who are tying the knot the second time.


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