Sea Themed Wedding Cakes

03 April 2010 | Food & Drinks 2 Comments

Sea themed wedding cakes are becoming more and more creative, inspiring, artistic, delicious and extremely popular among brides and grooms who are deciding to spend their big wedding day somewhere far away on a sandy beach or maybe on a cruise wedding.

Destination weddings are at rage every summer and couples are becoming more and more fascinated with so many great and creative sea themed wedding cake designs, colors, shapes and flavors. One of the most attractive and unique sea themed wedding cake decorative ideas is to use any type of specific elements such as seashells, brown sugar sand, sea foam, waves, castle, lighthouse or nay other under-the-sea creative figures or scenes.

The ocean flavor and beauty can be easily evoked by a magnificent and intricate or simple sea themed wedding cake that many wedding cake makers can create it for you. Those of you who are planning on having a more wild, exotic and stunning beach or island wedding can go with an eccentric under the sea themed wedding cake.

sea themed wedding cakes 300x240 Sea Themed Wedding Cakes

This wonderful design is extremely modern and fashionable for any bride and groom who are hopping on obtaining a non-conventional and pretty exquisite wedding desert. Depending on the style of your wedding: elegant, sophisticated, artistic, simple, casual, traditional, retro or classic you can choose any suitable sea themed wedding cake design or topper that will amaze every single guest attending your wedding.

The sea themed wedding cakes can incorporate lots of colors, flavors and shapes just to fit best your wedding décor and taste but many couples are choosing to have a personalized and customized sea themed wedding cake design that can express better their personal vision. Therefore any object, scene, character or figure that you have in mind can be easily transformed into a pretty realistic decorative element for the sea themed wedding cake.

For example, if you are planning a tropical island wedding day you could choose a tropical fish or coral design for the wedding desert and use any bright, wild, solid, warm and subdued colors to create a more dramatic and unusual fabulous effect. For a more elegant, extravagant and perhaps royal and glamorous sea themed wedding cake you could use any specific jewelry that can adorn the cake’s topper in a very fancy way.

sea themed wedding cakes 2 225x300 Sea Themed Wedding Cakes

You can use any sparkling items such as pearls, diamonds, crystals, beadings or any other stray and shiny embellishments that can be used in a wedding cake. Edible sea themed wedding cake artistic designs are becoming more and more whimsical, elegant, modern, colored, flavored, pretentious and intricate that any conventional guest could easily fall for.

You don’t have to be afraid of the fact that a pretentious, elegant, complex and good-looking wedding desert doesn’t taste as good as a simple and un-artistic wedding cake because the more flavors and colors one uses for a cake the more it will taste better.11


Jenny got married. And she loved the experience of organizing it so much that she started to write about it.


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