Scottish Wedding Gowns

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Browsing for different locations to celebrate your wedding, you get acquainted with the land of Scotland with its beautiful green landscapes, vestiges of its history that are so nostalgically preserved and the architecture of its castles with their note of romance and charm as well. And seeing all these you think to seriously consider Scotland as a favored place to host your wedding day. Once the location is set you start hunting for your Scottish wedding gown, but not before learning about few things that traditionally constitute the Scottish wedding. You meet two different options: to have your wedding theme to be guided by the Scottish ancient traditions or a theme more modern oriented. You have to go deeper into the features that are contained in every style of wedding for in the need to decide which one fits you the best.

The Scottish wedding tradition requires for plenty of rituals to be performed starting with the practice of “advertising” for the wedding for three successive Sundays in the local church for when the day comes the groom being supposed to carry a large basket filled with stones on his back. This happens till the bride goes out of her house and comes to kiss him. The religious service is held in two different places, one takes place outside the church where the priest marries the couple in Scottish language and the other one is held inside the church where the same service is run in Latin language. Once the ceremony is ended the couple exchanges the wedding circular rings and the party can start in the sound of the music performed by the bagpipers. The dancing party is opened by the first wedded couple’s dance.

scottish-wedding-gownsThe Modern Scottish wedding is not that strict in preserving the old rituals, in fact it is more relaxed and follows more the Western patterns of a contemporary wedding. The bride wears a Scottish wedding gown that is related to the traditional one that goes with the groom’s kilt, a gown made of Royal black tartan, sleeveless with a white broidery around the round neckline and having one side of the seam folded fixed up at the waist line to discover a white petticoat made of tulle or silk with frills to decorate its surface.

You are facing these two options for your Scottish themed wedding, but you wish first to go for ordering the wedding gown that you choose to customize more to your personality; and because you are aware of the Highlands’ moody weather you decide to have a long sleeved wedding gown and for this you contact the fashion designer that has in his collection customizable Scottish wedding gowns and express your desire. Also instead of the simple broidery you choose to have beaded sewn geometric motifs that match the pattern of the tartan structure of the fabrics.

Having traditional Scottish themed wedding you hope to confer your wedding day the color and the romance of a love that has the perfume of old that has preserved its traces till the present modern times. What is old sometimes values more than what is known to be new to the present generations.11

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