Sand Castle Wedding Cakes

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Perhaps nothing is more beautiful than to get married on a sandy beach when the sun shines and the joyful waves reflected from the background . Both the bride and the groom, and their guests will have unforgetable memories. In the summer, beach weddings are becoming more popular and more and more couples chooseto exchange vows on the beaches of exotic islands or with hot climates. At such a wedding a sand castle wedding cake is more than perfect!

A beach wedding requires both the bride and groom to be dressed appropriately, with more casual clothesbut at the same time sophisticated. A dress can be short, or knee, why not, long as the bride’s choice. The models of dresses are also very varied: from dresses with V-neck or mermaid to looking up as princess dresses. The groom can opt for a casual suit, white cloth or a pair of white pants and a light colored shirt, notie. If the wedding is at sunset, it requires a sophisticated outfit.

The bride may wear a cardigan or a shawl embroidered in colors as bright and the groom can complement his outfit with a sports jacket, silk, cotton or linen. In terms of guests outfit is advisable to avoid shorts except that the invitation specified that such attire is accepted. In general, it can take everything that has a cooling effect on the body, such as a collared shirt for men, and colorful dresses for women. For the shoes, the bride and groom will wear a pair of sandals to go and complete with their outfit, but as guests during the wedding exhibition will be able to give them up. After the wedding, everyone expects to receive as a souvenir, wedding photos to be seen in the background, the waves and the exotic trees. Some photos with the sand castle wedding cake are also necesarily.

A beach wedding dress is a must, because wearing the traditional long dresses and heavy on the hot sand is not suitable. Therefore, even if you want a casual wedding dress, simple and informal, are certain styles, fabrics and colors that are more appropriate. A white dress is appropriate for a beach wedding, because it looks great in contrast with the sand and sea. It can not remain clean, thanks to these elements. Try a white wedding dress from a knitted mat, because it is easy. An ivory-colored dress is a great choice. The fake diamond circular brooch, V-shaped neck, giving a touch of elegance. A beach wedding requires, obviously, a dress that can be worn in high temperature conditions. Find strapless dresses with thin straps, with only a bare back or shoulder or off the shoulders.

A mermaid type wedding dress is also appropriate for a beach wedding. This is a dress that is tight on the hips and legs and then flaring at the knees. A sleeveless dress in a satin easily, which move easily on sand is a good choice for a beach wedding.

You can even plan a boat ride along the beach for baggage withmemories to will be richer. A bar on the beach nearby is welcome, because your guests can enjoy an exotic cocktail. A cold buffet, where you do not miss having a refreshing exotic fruit can easily be arranged and guests on hand. Local Music is always an element of “Season” event. Wedding on the beach can offer a wide variety of original elements that contribute to its success. Important is to use plenty of imagination for everyone to be trained and to be an enjoyable atmosphere.11

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