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Sample Wedding Planner Contract

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Contracts are very popular nowadays. If we stop to think about it, these are present in everyday’s life: when we get hired somewhere, when we close a deal, when we get married etc.
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In the wedding planning industry, having a contract means having a client and a source of money. Without a signed paper, no oral agreement is taken into consideration. This makes me miss the old days when people trusted each other and they were able to make a deal only by shaking hands or giving one’s word for it. But, these days are no longer present, so people try to resist in the business world as well as they can.
sample wedding planner contract Sample Wedding Planner Contract
Further on, in this article, I am going to present a sample of a contract signed by a wedding planner and describe its main elements. A contract should be sent in maximum 48 hours from the meeting with the couple. If you wait too long, you risk loosing them. This can be delivered through the postal office, or by e-mail address. This contract should include items like: date, wedding date, couple’s names, their contact info, your duties, obligations and rights as wedding planner, legal issues, fees required for the offered services, a list of services, cancellation or change policies and the couple’s signature.

As the one that writes it, a wedding planner has the opportunity of creating a certain degree of ambiguity, but he or she always has to be correct and honest with his/hers clients. Only with the latter tools, a wedding planner will manage to extend and create a profitable business. You can find a clearer sample of a wedding planner’s contract on the site www.cakechannel.com. This is perfect and easy to fill in, specially made for the couples who don’t have time to waste on reading all kinds of papers and clauses. The same thing applies to the site www.weddingtutu.com, where you will find a contract that starts with an introductory part (“This Agreement is made effective as of ____, by and between (wedding planners name here) and (your name and fiancé name here). In this Agreement, the party who is contracting to provide services shall be referred to as (“Wedding Coordinator” or wedding planner company name here) and the party who will be receiving the services shall be referred to as “The Bride and Groom”.), and continues with a short description of services (decorations, music, transportation, catering, photography etc.), compensation for services, date changes, accommodations, cancellations ( “In the event of a cancellation all payments made to date are non-refundable and all outstanding payments will be due immediately.”), outdoor locations, amendments (“This Agreement may be modified or amended if the amendment is made in writing and is signed by both parties.”) and applicable law.
sample wedding planner contract 231x300 Sample Wedding Planner Contract
This is in general, the main things that a contract should be equipped with. This is not an active part of the planning process, but represents an important trump in case something goes wrong and you have to end the collaboration with a one of your clients. Remember that is better to prevent than treat!

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