Russian Wedding Cakes

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The latest trends in wedding cakes of today admit the fact that any kind of theme, color-scheme, shape or cultural traditional style can be incorporated into a modern unique wedding cake. Every bride and groom is interested in looking as unique, distinctive, outstanding and different as possible on their wedding day. And what better way to complement a totally original look than with an exceptional wedding cake!

A Russian wedding cake could be the best choice for you especially if you’re planning a Russian themed wedding. But through Russian wedding cakes we understand also those traditional wedding cookies or Russian tea cookies that are usually home-made and baked for a wedding, with the purpose of replacing the big wedding cake as a more delicious, sweet and tiny alternative, proper for any small wedding, or simply with an additional contribution to a big wedding cake.

In general, Russian wedding cookies are prepared and served during the winter holydays or nay other special occasion or celebrating family moment. They’re also recalled as Russian teacakes, Swedish tea-cakes or Mexican wedding cakes of cookies. No matter how you call theme, the texture, flavor, looks and taste are the same. More modern couples seem to fancy the idea of having an additional wedding desert, and that is why so many of them are choosing a Mexican wedding cake or a Russian wedding cake stand filled with tiny delicious, flavored and multi-colored cookies

. As we mentioned above, one can choose a Russian wedding cake as a more tasty and original alternative to the big traditional classic wedding cake, or as an extra romantic and appetizing desert, besides the original wedding cake, to flatter the guests.

Any bride or groom can prepare a Russian wedding cake at home, with their own hands, following a few guiding recipes and their imagination, vision and personal taste. Whether you choose to make your own Russian wedding cake, whether you decide to buy one or have a customized one, the chances of saving some extra money for the wedding budget are high. In general these tiny threats are quite affordable, compared for other wedding cakes or deserts.

If you’re interested in creating your own Russian wedding cake, here are the main ingredients that you’ll need: salt, flour, vanilla, soft butter cream or margarine, chopped nuts, powder sugar, almonds, hazelnuts, rum, chocolate and any other flavor that you like. If you decide to make and bake the cookies on your own, the final satisfaction will be greater than if you’ve bought them pre-made. You can get them out when they have a golden brown shade. Roll them through powder sugar when they are hot and burning and once more after they’ve cooled.11

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