Royal blue wedding dresses

Wedding Dresses | July 03 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

The trend with colored wedding dresses is growing in popularity season by season. More and more contemporary brides are choosing the color as a main feature of their wedding dress in order to make it more eye-catching, sensual, cheerful and festive. There is no need to go white when white doesn’t fit your well and it’s really not your thing at all.

For those who consider a colored wedding gown to be too much for the meaning of a wedding, perhaps a white wedding dress with accents of color might help. Anyway, we’re all aware of the fact that a red wedding dress will catch the eyes of your wedding attendants easier than a wedding dress can. So if you are one of those showy kind of brides who are betting on a more ravishing and spectacular unique look, why not choose a colored wedding dress!

It’s hard to choose the most adequate color when the palette is so rich and generous with your tastes. One would like to have them all, but it’s impossible. So, in order to get started, you should think on what your favorite color is. Everyone has a favorite color that perhaps makes us look more beautiful or it simply brings us luck and success in everything we do.

Regardless of choosing the color for the wedding dress according to our preferences, one can also pick a more stunning, surprising and original color that she never thought about. For example, a royal blue wedding dress can blow off your guests and have them talking all night about how splendid, magnificent, sleek, elegant, stylish, unique and attractive you look!

It’s important to choose bolder tone if creating a huge visual impact is what you’re looking for. The royal blue color is definitely one of those striking nuances that can take one’s breath away.

In order to convince yourself of the uniqueness of this color you should browse for some pictures with royal blue wedding dress in bridal catalogs or on the internet. The royal blue color is a very dark and bright kind of blue that looks similar to an ultramarine blue but more strident and flaming. Blue is definitely one of the many colors that are in vogue today in wedding dresses, wedding cakes and wedding bouquets.

One can wear a casual royal blue wedding dress on a beach wedding due to the nautical color that can match perfectly with the seaside environment, or it can put it on for a more dramatic, grandiose and formal affair planned for a cathedral, castle, ball gown court or fancy local. For a wedding party or for the female wedding guests it is also suitable. This wonderful nuance can be combined with silver, gold or white for a more balanced, feminine, natural, glamorous and intriguing look. White and blue wedding dresses are also in trend this year. The vast majority of royal blue wedding dresses feature an A-line, a column style, a prom dress style, ball gown style, a knee length short style or a sheath style, depending on the formality, season and location or theme of the wedding.11

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  1. rosette

    April 15, 2011 at 9:19 am

    I believe there is no other suitable color for the reception wedding dress but this royal blue. I like the intensity of this color and I love blue. I find it a very sensual, very serene and strong color, thus I themed my wedding blue. I have a lot of blue in my arrangements and in my wedding gown but for the reception I wanted only blue. I really like the electric blue of the short dress from here. It’s a little bit too simple for what I have in mind, but it is the right color and fabric I wanted.


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