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The lace embroideries, asymmetrical drapes and ruffles – these are the elements that make a Rosa Clara wedding dress unique and recognizable among other designer’s styles. However, the originality of Rosa’s creations is in the way she uses these popular elements of décor for a wedding dress. The palette of fabrics she uses for her collections is truly unique.

You can find any type of fabric in her portfolio. The gowns you can find on her website are never the same or similar one with each other. The mixes of fabrics and textures used for each gown in part are more than unique. They are sometimes fashion-forward – ideal for modern brides, other times they are simple and clean and they can fit the classic brides. Anyway, the dresses signed by Rosa Clara are all one of a kind and fit for contemporary wedding affairs – whether classic, vintage or modern.

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Due to the fact that Rosa Clara’s Collections are so highly priced and high class, they are only sold in elite bridal fashion stores and saloons. The stores where you can find Rosa Clara’s creations are around Spain, Mexico, Portugal, Romania, United Kingdom, Greece, United States, Hong King and in Belgium. You have to visit her official website to learn more about things like purchasing, prices and availability.

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These fabulous gown masterpieces you have the chance to admire on our page belong to one of the recent collections released for 2012. The style is not so very different from what we’re used to when it comes to Rosa Clara. Ruffled skirts, pleated and draped bodices, delicate embroideries made of lace, sheer overlays, high necks and subtle accents and details – these are the elements that a bride can find in this couturier’s collections.

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However, it sounds trivial when we say it. Lucky we have these pictures that can speak for themselves, for we are not so good with words when it comes to describing such soft and delicate beauty of a wedding dress. The lace embroideries made for the necklines, sleeves and boleros are the hottest points of attraction. There is something highly decent yet sensual about these gowns that look so very unique and flattering, especially for a mature bride.

110384 rosa clara 2012 wedding gowns Rosa Clara 2012 Wedding Gowns

Little Mermaid's Wedding Dress (Source:

Generally speaking, older brides want something decent that can cover their necks, arms and shoulders but in a chic way. And we believe these pieces have all the necessary qualities to fit the high expectations and pretentious preferences of a mature bride or of those who are planning a formal (second time) wedding ceremony. You can browse for the other articles we have on Rosa Clara's unique gowns on our website.



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