Romantic wedding cake toppers

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The cake toppers are a crucial element of your wedding. They define the whole wedding cake and they have to be in a harmonious match with the cake. First of all a cake topper has to match the wedding theme. So for example if you choose a season theme the cake toppers have to be a defining symbol for the season. You can use monograms, flowers, birds, symbols or shapes as a cake topper.

If you are a romantic person you can always choose a romantic wedding cake and therefore a romantic cake topper. You have a lot of options and colors for romantic wedding cake toppers and you can definitely choose one. So here are some great ideas you can use for a romantic wedding cake topper.

Monogram cake toppers
Monograms are really great idea for a cake topper. These cake toppers are really romantic and look exquisite. You can use simple steel monograms or incrusted with crystals. It is a quite marvelous idea that you can try. The monograms can represent your names, initials or romantic messages such as “Love”; “Forever” or “Be mine”. These monogram messages are some really unique cake toppers that you might like.

For a romantic cake topper a pair of magnificent birds looks amazing. Try white ones because they symbolize purity and innocence. A pair of lovebirds, swans or doves are a really romantic choice. Frosting or fondant ones are quite interesting and look great on your wedding cake.

A marvelous idea you can definitely try is a pair of lovebirds sitting on a heart. Choose a white and red combination because it looks quite elegant and romantic. Two frosting swans sitting on a fondant water lily is the perfect option for a romantic wedding. Try it!

Flowers are a really amazing and romantic cake topper that you can use at your wedding. Choose what colors you like because they look astonishing. Pink, white, red, purple or blue flowers are fascinating. Roses are very popular and are considered the most romantic flowers. Use fresh ones because they look magical.

Calla lilies, hydrangea, narcissus or daisies are other great flowers that you can use as a cake topper. Try a colorful bouquet of flowers and you will have a really special cake. Spring and summer floral arrangements are quite spectacular and you can definitely try them.

Autumn and winter also have some splendid flowers and colors that make a great cake topper. Choose colors like red, yellow, orange because they look splendid.

Shapes and symbols
The most popular symbol used as a cake topper is the heart. Fondant, frosting, steel or encrusted with crystals are some choices for you. Red and white are the most popular ones that couples choose but you can also try other colors. You can try two united hearts encrusted with white Swarovski crystals. It looks really romantic and elegant. Hearts with angel wings are other popular wedding cake toppers that couples love. Angels also look romantic as a cake topper and you can try them. Try white fondant ones because they look and taste really great.

Bride and groom figurine
Although you may think that this figurine is a traditional one, there are some that are modern and quite extravagant. Also you should know that this figurine is a very romantic one and it is just perfect for a cake topper. For example a bride and groom kissing, holding hands, a groom carrying his bride or dancing are just some of the romantic figurines that you can try.

Choose some romantic wedding cake toppers for your wedding cake and it will definitely look exquisite.11

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