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If you’ve always dreamt of planning a stunning rich and spectacular wedding or perhaps a more inspired, fancy and select wedding, perhaps a Roman style wedding dress can make a beautiful option to start with.

There are many brides today who are madly in love with those modern Greek style wedding dresses with asymmetrical one shoulder strap and sexy high necks. If you are one of those, then you should definitely take a look at these pictures with Roman style wedding dresses that we’ve gathered for you in this article (find them here:,,, and perhaps get inspired for your own Roman or Greek style look! We find these types of dresses quite attractive, unique, a bit unconventional and totally romantic.

If we are to define the Roman style at least in matters of style, fashion, clothing and dresses for women, we would mention that, overall, their style was quite rich, embroidered, adorned and elaborated. The history of ancient Roman women or bridal wear has shown us that their way of dressing was a bit more complex, asymmetrical and fashionable.

If we are to compare the Roman style with the Greek’s style, the we would see that Romans were a bit more pretentious when it comes to clothing and way of wear, and that they used to get dressed in more intricate and sophisticated shiny or glittering outfits.

The main fabrics that used to make a Roman bride’s outfit were silk and cotton. Even today these fabrics are used in created Roman inspired wedding dresses or wedding dresses for destination brides or for sleek fancy extravagant brides. If you are from Los Angeles then you can surely plan a Roman style wedding on a beach or anywhere else in nature or in a more select inspiring local or restaurant.

  These one of a kind wedding dresses are usually beautified with all kinds of jewels or sparkling accessories and decorative elements that can make the bride look more exquisite, one of a kind, glamorous and sexy.

In general, a Roman style wedding dress is quite simple or unsophisticatedly cut. The fabrics are still light weight, the lines are casual, comfy and yet remarkable or tricky. There is always a catch with these types of wedding dresses that is meant to defeat the simplicity of the design and enhance more the elegance and the glittering beauty of the bride’s style.

Whether a bow, a ribbon, a waist band, a belt, a flower appliqué on the shoulder strap, a jeweled pattern or a beaded pattern, most Roman style wedding dresses of today are meant to provide the bride with the necessary antique old style brilliant exclusive look.

The most popular length of these types of dresses is floor length, while some styles can feature sleeves and toga-style skirts. Empire waist Roman style wedding dresses made in gold, silver or platinum, or simply accented with delicate embroideries or trims made from these metallic colors are also popular today. Sheer trains, criss-cross front straps or shawls and gold belts are also elements that compose a Roman look.11

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  1. Gina

    December 10, 2010 at 2:42 pm

    I was always keen on mythology especially on Roman and Greek goddesses and thus whenever I was invited to a masked party I would try to dress up like a Greek maiden. And now my dream is to have my wedding themed as such. But as much as I have looked for a Greek or Roman dress that would please me I couldn’t find one. Until now. I especially like the knot-wedding dress in third picture. It is simple yet the embroidery very elaborate and its fluidity makes me think of Aphrodite. Unfortunately I believe it is quite expensive, so I couldn’t afford it. But it’s quite an inspiration.


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