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In case that you are not planning a budget wedding or you don’t want to pay thousands of dollars to wear a wedding dress once in your life the best option for you is to rent a gown model that you prefer. You have the possibility to choose between different bridal gown rental shops which are opened in the United States. They have the newest wedding dress models which were created by the latest designer. You can select between more than 3000 of dresses which are available in all sizes, different and various styles and colors. In most of the cases the famous stores will also offer to their clients’ rental packages which have discounted price and includes “head-to-toe” offers. This means that once with your gown you can rent jewelry, tiara or veil, shoes and undergarments which fits with the dress’s color. Before you make a final decision make sure that the chosen wedding dress is available for rent on your wedding day.

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 The rental agreement will contain all the conditions that you have to fulfill before you return your dress after the ceremony. Pay attention especially for the parts which contain the prohibitions if you damage the dress. After you read twice the contract and you agree with the renter’s written description you can sign it. In most of the cases you will be prompted to pay the entire rental fee or just a security deposit. In order to find the gown that you have ever dreamt about is important to start searching in time. One disadvantage of gown rental is that you will have fewer options because most of the dresses are available on the market for sale. Don’t forget about your personality and choose a wedding dress which fits you perfectly because all eyes will be on you. Feel comfortable in your gown and take care of it because after your ceremony you have to return the dress.

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About wedding dresses

The secret to find your perfect princess wedding dress you have ever dreamt about is to start searching in time. You have to visit all the local bride stores that are situated in your city and if you don’t find the perfect dress you can make an online research. Taking in consideration that one of the most important parts of the ceremony is the bride, you have to choose a gown which will fit you.

If you are a traditional bride you can opt for natural white gowns. If you have chosen a laid back location for your ceremony is better to choose a colorful gown which is shorter and informal. Every wedding dress is beautiful but you have to choose the one which is perfect for your body type and this will add a plus shine to you and for sure you will look amazing on your wedding day.

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Places to rent bridal gowns

One of the best rental services is the “Rent a Dress and Tux Shop” which is located in Nevada, Las Vegas. Here you can choose between traditional and modern bridal gowns which are offered in different colors, various styles and in all sizes. If you live in Florida, you can visit the “Lauderdale Bride” store where you can even opt for professional alteration in order to look gorgeous in your selected dress.

They offer a wide collection of bridal shoes, accessories, veils and tiaras. “Alexandria’s Formal Gown Rental” is situated in California, Roseville. The store has a big collection of wedding dresses which can reach even 2000 gowns created by the latest designers. It doesn’t matter which bridal store you will choose because for sure you will get personal attention and they will help you to make a good decision.

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How to rent a wedding dress?

In the beginning, you have to decide if renting is right for you. If you don’t like the idea to wear on your special day a used gown you have to pay thousands of dollars to buy the gown. If you choose to rent a wedding dress you have to pay the rental price but this is visibly lower than the gown’s original price.

Some of the bride shops offer to their customers different accessories which can be rent together with the dress. For this option you have to ask about rental packages and try to find a “head-to-toe” package which contains jewelry, tiara, shoes and undergarments. Before you sign the rental agreement is important to read it twice and make sure that you understand the guarantees that you have to fulfill when you return the gown.

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Rent a wedding dress online

If you don’t find the dress in the Bride Stores opened in your city you can opt for online rental. For this process you can choose the “Rent a Wedding Dress” website which offers gowns for rental and for purchasing, too. After you have selected from the main menu the “Find a wedding dress to rent” button you have the possibility to choose between hundreds of gowns.

If you found the wedding dress that you want to rent you have to send a request and thanks to this website you will be contacted by the dress’s owner and in mail you can discuss the price and the shipping cost. You can also rent out your wedding gown if you fulfill the conditions written in the guideline. In order to choose a secure payment method is important to select between Escrow’s or PayPal’s official websites.  

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Renting a wedding gown is the best choice for the brides who want to save their money. This method is better if you don’t have enough time for shopping or if you don’t want to give your gown to your future daughter. If you think logic, you have to wear a wedding dress just once in your life so probably is not economical to purchase it.

Of course, the decision is yours. The most important tip that you don’t have to forget when it comes the time to select a gown is to feel comfortable in it because these moments will be unique in your life.



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