Renew Wedding Vows With Elvis

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If you always had a thing for Las Vegas, but you never quite got the chance to do something eccentric there, why don’t you renew your vows in Las Vegas? The place has plenty wedding chapels and reception venues, casinos and small ideal places to exchange wedding vows and to have Elvis by your side. The city is known as a wedding center, due to the high number of couples that decide to unite their destinies there, but you can also renew wedding vows with Elvis. All you need to do is plan ahead, think of the ceremony you want, think if you want some guests with you and the deal is done.

Las Vegas chapels offer a variety of settings and styles, from something very casual and funny to glamour and high style. Couples wanting to renew their wedding vows with Elvis have the possibility to do things however they want, quickly and at very decent costs. Of course, how you party afterwards and how you celebrate the event is at your choice and you can spend as much as you would do for a second wedding. The first thing you should do is to find the wedding certificate, because some chapels require the original documents for the renewal ceremony. Then, you have to decide upon the chapel, as there are more than 100 in Las Vegas, each accustomed to meet various tastes. You can see the wedding chapels online and you can choose the one that fits your needs. Some might offer even vow renewal packages, being very attractive to your budget. You can even get to the chapel with a pink Cadillac next to Elvis or have the rock start himself (metaphorically spoken) hold the ceremony.

Renew Wedding Vows With Elvis

Renew Wedding Vows With Elvis (Photo by: Mathieu Lebreton)

There are lots of vow renewal packages including Elvis Presley. There is the possibility of having a mini concert with Elvis, who can also escort the bride. Other names for packages are Elvis Hound Dog. Viva Las Vegas is wedding chapel which takes things further and centers packages around the King of Rock and Roll. Along with the packages, there are other services that can be chosen. You can stream your ceremony over the internet, so the folks at home can see it. The limousine can be part of a package and if you want to take things to another level, arrive at the chapel with a helicopter.

Elvis is indeed the center of attention in Las Vegas.


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