Renaissance Style Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | May 25 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

When it comes to latest trends in wedding dresses and bridal wear in general, the tendencies seem to be divided in two main categories: old period wedding dresses and new designer wedding dresses. More and more brides of today are likely to be inclined towards wearing an old wedding dress than a brand new one.

The idea of wearing a superb and unique wedding dress is more flattering than that one of wearing a cosmopolitan wedding dress. In fact, the concept of “the new” wedding dress is associated more with the concept of “old-fashioned” wedding dress. A unique way to look distinctive, outstanding, different and incredibly refined is to wear a Renaissance style wedding dress.

This type of dress is perfect for any summer outdoor wedding held in a beautiful romantic English garden, in a public green park or on a field. The bride who is planning on wearing a Renaissance style wedding dress can build a whole wedding around this romantic and splendid theme just to create a more unified, deep and meaningful backdrop.

If we are to think of the main features of a Renaissance style wedding dress, then we would surely speak about long and lavish sleeves, high necks, corsets, jewel embroideries, puffy sleeves, full floor-length ball gown skirts, old century costumes or hats. If you’re looking for a more authentic and truly unique Renaissance style wedding dress you can have it customized by a professional wedding dress designer or have it sewed by a seamstress that really knows his job.

It’s important to pick the most suitable pattern that can fit your body figure and flatter your personal style, vision, preferences and individuality. To make sure that your Renaissance style wedding dress is absolutely one-of-a-kind it would be best to let yourself inspired by different period costumes and outfits that renaissance women used to wear in that time.

Browse for pictures with Renaissance style wedding dresses in different magazines or on the internet, on various websites that provide with this kind of attires. If you’re wondering what type of materials can be used in creating a Renaissance style wedding dress, we can tell you that these are, in general, extremely thick and heavy, such as brocades or chic velvets, and they work perfect for autumnal or winter weddings.

But these aren’t the only types of fabrics that you ca use. For spring or summer weddings you can opt for a more casual, light-weighted and draping material, such as cotton, duchesses stain, organza, damask, crepe, batiste, linen or chiffon. When we think of the colors that are appropriated for a Renaissance style wedding dress, we picture those jeweled tones, such as gold, butter yellow, egg white, eggplant, cream, beige or sepia colors. But these days, modern brides can choose any type of vibrant, hot and trendy nuance for her Renaissance style wedding dress, such as burgundy, deep purple, maroon, chocolate brown, red velvet or gothic black.11

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  1. Rossanna

    April 13, 2011 at 3:32 pm

    it’s hard for me to make a decision right now. i am just searching for the right gown for my wedding. which i planned it back in history. unfortunately i don’t know yet which period from the history. so i thought i made here a little research. so i began taking each period i like from history and look at the dresses it has to offer. I thought that doing like this, choosing the dress i would like the most, it would be lot helpful. well, when you see many that you like, like the second one from here, with the roses, it’s even harder to decide. I like so many of them from what I’ve already seen. I just hope I will make a decision soon.


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