Redneck Wedding Cakes

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If you want a casual small wedding then you can plan your wedding with a redneck thematic. The redneck is a slang word that describes poor farmers, coal miners in Southern United States. The term redneck was associated with farmers and miners from hours working in the fields.


For this type of wedding you can order a small, simple wedding cake or decorated in the thematic. You can choose a thematic wedding cake topper to suggest the theme of your wedding some representative for farmers or coal miners. The rednecks are down town country type, simple people that don't need sophisticate things for their wedding to feel good. A thematic topper can show their occupation and their hobbies, you can choose from a classical bride and groom topper, to something more funny, it is up to you.

There are many funny redneck style wedding cake toppers, from country style, to funny, traditional toppers. But not only the cake topper can be the only element of decorations, but also the style and design of the cake. You can choose a simple no tier wedding cake for a small wedding, a two tier wedding cake. In the redneck style weddings you won't see sophisticate wedding cakes with many layers. Rednecks are simple people who enjoy hunting, fishing, playing sports. For your wedding you can choose a hunting theme, a fishing theme, or a topper with their favorite sport.

Redneck weddings are traditional, they love to keep their country traditions and superstitions. You can find more ideas about redneck wedding cake toppers on Squidoo website.

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There are many options to choose from if you want a redneck inspired cake. Some of the most popular choices are: hunting and fishing themes, simple cakes than qourmet sponge cake, cakes with camouflage colors, formal tiered cakes. An original idea for a redneck wedding is a cake that is not a cake but made from meat loaf or stacked steaks. Red neck wedding cakes usually have chocolate icing and not white icing, especially for hunting theme weddings.

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You can choose a funny cake topper, with a hunting theme, deer toppers, farming toppers, shotgun toppers, a couple in a truck topper or anything in the country style. A popular choice is the chocolate wedding cake with liqueur filling.

99508 redneck wedding cakes Redneck  Wedding Cakes

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The redneck can be a fun theme to plan if you don't want a wedding that is too formal, the atmosphere will be more relaxed and casual.



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