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Nowadays the new trend in wedding dresses is the red wedding dress. Is amazing and revolutionary, but the virginal white has been dethroned by the powerful red. Red wedding dresses are considered to be unique and sexy alternatives to their white counterparts.

Here comes the bride all dressed in red. It’s not just a dream, it’s true. It started in Europe and now is all over the world. Red is the traditional wedding color in countries like: China, Japan, and India. During the American Revolution red was the color that was known as the color of wedding dresses. This started at the beginning as an assertion of the independence of the colonies from England. Red wedding dresses symbolize sensuality, maturity and sexuality. The nowadays brides like more to be considered sensual than a virgin, so this is one of the reasons red became the most popular alternative for the white wedding dresses.

If you want to have a unique wedding and a unique wedding dress, you should surely take into consideration a red wedding dress. It’s an amazing color and it’s the newest trend in wedding dresses. There are a lot of symbols for the red color. In the countries where red is the traditional wedding color, it has certain symbols that cannot be changed. For example, in Asia, red symbolizes happiness, prosperity and luck. In Europe, red symbolizes power, sensuality, love and passion. Even if the traditional white gown has its clear symbolism, nowadays things are different.

Even if it’s expected that the bride is a virgin at her wedding, a lot of women are not and there’s nothing wrong with this. Regarding this issue lot of brides chose not to wear white on their wedding day and red is the best alternative for them. Red wedding dresses can be found in all styles and designs so the brides will have where to choose from.All the types of dresses you’ve seen in white can be found in red as well. If you’ve seen something that you like in white you should find it in red too. If not, take that dress design and talk to a dress designer because he might be able to create it for you. On the other hand you should know that red wedding dresses can be combined with white. The result will surely be amazing!

A lot of brides chose red wedding dresses based on cosmetic reasons. They think they look good in red, they think is flattering and funky so these are the reasons that make them to wear red wedding dresses. You probably know that all brides want to be unique, they want to wear something different and for them a red wedding dress is exactly what they need.

It’s a shame that lots of brides don’t know about red’s symbols. They chose red wedding dresses just because they want to be different and because it looks good on them. You should know that there are three principal colors that have great symbols. These colors are: white, red and black. In goddess worshipping traditions these colors were powerful and their symbols were pure and true. You can find them in almost all the European fairytales. These three, each of them, represent a phase from a woman’s life:

White- childhood, the innocence and purity of the period.
Red- the sensuality and the power of a mature woman.
Black- wisdom, experience and the age of an older woman.

In this case red becomes an empowering choice to enter the gate of marriage. Even though there are a lot of women who believe in these symbols there are lots of women that have no idea about them. If you are a bride to be and if you’re thinking to wear a red wedding dress please don’t do it just because of the vibrant and strong color, don’t do it just because it looks good on you and do it because of the amazing symbols that can change something in a woman’s life. Try to search online and see what it is said about the red color and in this way you can see some red wedding dresses designs.

Finding your red wedding dress won’t be hard; you just need to go to your wedding shop or your wedding boutique and see if they have something for you there. You might be surprised because exactly the places where you never thought you would find something might be the ones that give you what you need. If you live in a smaller town, before starting planning a trip to the city you should check out the online stores. It’s the easiest way for you to get your red wedding dress. There you will find lots of red wedding dresses designs and you can chose your favorite one. The only inconvenient is the fact that you won’t be able to try on your red wedding dress and this isn’t the best thing.  

Don’t lose hope, there are sites that allow you to try on the dress and if it’s not good for you, it’s possible to send it back. Besides there are websites that even allow you to order more than one dresses. In this   way you will be able to keep the one you like the most. Be careful; don’t forget to send back the ones you don’t want. The internet is a great source and your products will arrive at your doorstep. If your perfect red wedding dress can’t be found online, than another chance is to check out some catalogs. You might found what you’re looking for in those catalogs.

If this happens, the next step for you is to call your wedding boutique or your wedding shop and to ask them if they can order it for you. They will surely do it, so you shouldn’t be worried, you will find the perfect red wedding dress.If you want to be a red bride you should do it but talk with your family and your husband to be as well. You need to know their opinion too. They might not be as happy as you are with your decision. Try to convince them why are you doing this and why a red wedding dress is the best choice for you.  Have an amazing wedding in a red wedding dress!11


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    I woud really like this dress that I found on your website. It is Pleae contact me on my email if you have it. Thanks 🙂


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