Red Wedding Bouquets

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What color could be more suitable, romantic, inspired, creative and proper for a wedding day than red? Everyone agrees that red is the color of passion, true love, sensuality, romanticism, sexuality, pathos, power, ardor and fervor. Brides who are bold enough to wear a Mexican, Chinese, Asian, Indian or Vietnam themed red wedding dress on their wedding day will definitely make a statement and catch everyone’s eyes in a good sense.

But what can we tell about red wedding bouquets and how they complement a bridal appearance? Only good, it seems. Every bride wearing a white, pink, brown or burgundy wedding dress can be the lady in red carrying a splendid complementing red wedding bouquet. Red is always classy but hot and trendy, causal and yet dainty.

The most contrasting and therefore suitable bridal attire for a blood red roses wedding bouquet is definitely a white one. Whether you are planning on a St. Valentine’s Day, on a winter or Christmas wedding or a very glamorous, sleek and romantic wedding, a red wedding bouquet can make the main attraction of the day.

Red roses are always desired by all kinds of brides because they can be stylish and fashionable, perfect for any vintage, retro, classic, traditional or contemporary, conventional or casual wedding affair. Roses are always in season and can be found at very affordable prices. But what about other vivid and bold red types of flowers that can complement any elegant, sophisticated, sentimental, cheerful, fancy, playful and chic wedding?

To help you get the most popular and beautiful types of red flower to create an enviable red wedding bouquet here area couple of them: Anthurium, tulips, bitter sweet, freesia, carnation, dahlia, alstroemeria, gerberas, cosmos, straw flower, lily, tea rose and cannas. With this set, we can move on to the most appropriated styles of red wedding bouquets that you can choose for your wedding day.

The heart-shaped red wedding bouquet can be a very inspired choice for a high-quality romantic wedding affair. This type of bouquet can make any bride look even more sweet, visible, feminine and attractive. Another suitable type of bouquet that can match a red wedding flower arrangement is the loose style.

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For any informal or casual beach or outdoor wedding a loose red wedding bouquet is more than perfect because of the rich elegance. Choose a round red wedding bouquet style and have a simple yet dainty classic or traditional bridal appearance. For a very glamorous, sophisticated, royal or high-class expensive wedding frame brides can carry a show style of red wedding bouquet. The showy style evokes the refinement and formality of a queen that is why this type of bouquet is more suitable for black tie wedding affairs.11

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