Red Black And White Wedding Cakes

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Choosing a black and white wedding cake for your big day can be amazingly elegant and classy. If you think this monochrome palette is not working too much for you you should use beside black and white, red as well. Red can give the cake an unique accent and there are a lot of ways to combine the three color. A red, black and white wedding cake can be exactly what you’re searching for.

Red, black and white are very popular wedding colors. A lot of couples chose these colors to decorate their wedding reception with. Either they chose them together or separated, the combination of all red, black and white is truly elegant. A red, black and white wedding cake can work can easily work for a elegant wedding or for a more formal one. If you want  your red, black and white wedding cake to be more interesting  you can accent the colors with brighter shades. Decoration and wedding accessories are very easy to be found in red, black or white. The contrast between  black and 

It’s very easy yo design your red, black and white wedding cake. Just try to keep all the wedding in a line and don’t go to far from the wedding theme. You can have a completely white cake with black and red accents as: swirls, swags, dots or maybe ribbons. If you want to go for a dramatic look, you should have a completely black wedding cake decorated with simple accents of white and red. You can also chose for a pure white cake with red and black table decorations. Beside, you can also choose for a different color layers. So if you have red, black and white, you need three layers. This can look interesting and unique. If you want to have a interior contrast, then chose a pure white cake with chocolate and strawberries inside. The guests will be truly surprised!

Even if you have so many options and of course you can have more, if you are creative and if you want to decorate your own red, black and white wedding cake, some of the soon to be married couples chose to have some burst of color on they red, black and white wedding cake. A burst of color is a true daring design variation. Don’t be afraid and use your imagination. You can chose something that will go with the braidmaid’s dresses or with any other wedding detail. Some popular ways to add some pop of color on or interest on your red, black and white wedding cake are:

–  using red again, you can decorate the cake table with rose petals, but to make it more interesting you can use some other rose color.
–  add some nice flowers blooms and arrange them nicely on the cake.
–  use a colored cake topper, it might be the missing part.

The secret to have an amazing red, black and white wedding cake is to not exaggerate and to keep it simple. Small simple accents are enough especially if you’re planning to use the third color or decoration. You want your red, black and white wedding cake to capture all the eyes, but don’t forget that you don’t want it to be too much.11

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