Red Black And White Wedding Cakes

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For those couples who are planning on a special traditional or semi-formal wedding day, the choices in wedding cake color-schemes are numberless. But one of the most impressive, outstanding and elegant color mixtures suitable for a semi-formal and classy wedding is the red black and white color scheme.

The red black and white wedding cakes are becoming more and more popular among contemporary brides and grooms who are looking for a chic, extraordinary, magnificent and pretty stylish but still simple wedding cake.

This design is perfect for any formal or semi-formal wedding but it’s also a best choice for those of you who are afraid to stray too far from the traditional wedding. While the white color remains for the most part of the cake, one can choose to add some interesting and elegant accents of black. This way the wedding cake will not only look more stylized and stunning but it will also escape the traditional, rigorous and formal etiquette. Black and white wedding cakes are very popular and adored by brides and grooms who are looking to make a statement on their wedding day.

Once can choose to use black dots, stripes, lines, stars, flowers or any other joyful and elegant pattern that can give the wedding desert a more valuable and stylish effect. This is a cool choice for couples who are planning on a formal, simple and maybe funky retro wedding.

But what about those of you who want to go even further with these two colors and bring life and light to this pattern? There are many interesting and non-conventional designs and toppers that can be made by keeping the same black and white them. Well if you finally decide that a monochrome black and white wedding cake seems a bit boring, colorless and un-attractive for your personal taste you can always add a splash of color and make a great visual impact, and what greater shade work more beautifully with a black and white mixture than red?

A red black and white wedding cake appearance manages to catch the eyes of the most traditionalist and conventionalist guest and convert him to this unique and splendid color combination. A red black and white wedding cake can look even more romantic, stunning, magnificent, gorgeous and stylish than any other sophisticated wedding cake design.

Choose this beautiful palette and create a gothic wedding cake castle or any other specific shape that can match the gothic style. Use roses, giant zinnias, daises, lilies or any other red flowers that can give the black and white wedding cake a more impressive, fabulous and grandiose appearance. For a more dramatic and rich aspect of the cake you can always choose to use the red, white and black on different tiers of the cake or combine them to fit best your vision and personal tastes.11

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