Red and White Wedding Gowns

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The traditional white dress has a new competitor the red wedding dress, or white and red wedding dress. This is not a new trend, in fact a red wedding dress were very fashionable in the 18th century. The wedding dress at that time was not white because the white fabric was very expensive, and the brides from middle class or low class didn’t afford it. Usually at that time brides wear on their wedding day their best dress, and they will wear this dress on multiple occasions after the wedding.
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So a white dress was not practical, was very expensive and hard to maintain it. Only the rich brides wear white dresses and become fashionable after Queen Victoria wear a white dress at her wedding ceremony in 1840. Since then the white dress become traditional, and it was like a treasure passes from generations to generations. The wedding dresses were made from silk but later the fabrics and the colors changed.

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Now after so many years of white bridal dresses the new trend appeared, and more and more brides add colors to their wedding gown. Not only red but also pink, yellow, blue, green, or other light colors. Dark colors are not considered a good option. But it’s your wedding and depends only on you what color you choose for your wedding dress. A red wedding dress is beautiful, elegant, feminine and seductive and in combination with white it can be amazing. Or you can choose to have an entire red wedding dress. There is something about this color that is simply irresistible.

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After all the red color was the choice for generations of brides in India and red was considered an auspicious and a good luck charm. By wearing a red wedding dress you can shock some of your older relatives who think white it’s the only option for a respectable bride. Red is more seductive and passionate as compared to pure white. Not many women wear this color with confidence. But if it is your style and red really suits you then it is no reason why not to choose a red dress for your wedding.

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Red is the traditional color for weddings in many parts of the world and become fashionable only a few years ago in Europe and North America. In China red is the color of joy and luck. In India red is considered auspicious and brings good luck, Indians wear white color only at the funerals because white means death while red is life. In Japan brides wear white silk lined with red to symbolize happiness and a new beginning.11


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