Red and white wedding dresses

Wedding Dresses | June 30 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

The main thing that seems to matters in wedding dresses today is the color. The more vibrant, dynamic, surprising and bold a wedding dress is the more chances of being memorized and classified as a successful one. Wedding dresses with color are gaining in popularity as every wedding season passed by.

Brides of the moment are fascinated with the thought of wearing a non-white wedding dress on the big day. There is no other aspect that can change that much the final look of a wedding dress and set the bride so drastically apart from the rest of the contemporary brides.

If you are interested in finding out what colors are in trend this year and what type of colored wedding dress you can choose, here area few guidelines that you can follow. In general, we can notice that full colored wedding gowns are only assumed by those bold and courageous brides who are betting on a truly unconventional look. But the vast majority of the modern brides are choosing a white wedding dress with bold colored accents.

Among the most popular types of white wedding dresses with color are: white and blue wedding dresses, white and black wedding dresses, white and red wedding dresses, white and green wedding dresses, white and magenta wedding dresses, white and purple wedding dresses, white and navy blue wedding dresses or white and yellow or vintage orange wedding dresses.

In case you don’t want to stray too much from the traditional line, you can opt for a popular sexy red and white wedding dress. How would you like to wear a white wedding dress with splashes of red? How comfortable you could feel wearing a provocative or a sensual red and white wedding dress? Are you up for this spectacular look or do you think that shi is really too much for you?

Many brides are aware of the fact that red is a symbolic wedding color that different civilizations are familiar with when it comes to wedding dresses. So, before you dismiss the idea of wearing a beautiful and unique red and white wedding dress you should know that Mexican, Asian, Chinese or Indian brides are commonly wearing red wedding dresses on the big day, just to honor a certain tradition.

You can incorporate the red hint into a white wedding dress following different traditional patterns or modern ways. You can look for white wedding dresses whit red necklines, or with red hem lines, train lines or waist line. On the other hand, if you wish for something more provocative and unique, you can opt for a half red white wedding dress. You can also choose a predominant red wedding dress enhanced with white sashes, white ribbons, white flowers, white bows or white jewel appliqués, for a more magnificent, attractive and unforgettable look.11

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  1. Winnie

    May 09, 2011 at 6:49 am

    I always thought that red and white wedding dresses are for winter weddings only, for those weddings that want to remind of Christmas. But looking at these dresses here and reading your article, I have to admit I was wrong. Only the first dress reminds me of this season and of this celebration, the others are very elegant and fit for any other type of wedding, only that they have a little bit of color. It’s nice to see I was wrong. It means I can color theme my wedding and I can do it in red. Thank you very much for these samples.


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