Red And Black Wedding Cakes

Food & Drinks | April 02 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

Every couple is trying to get the more romantic and original theme and style for the big wedding day. With so many ideas and trendy designs out there one can choose any colors scheme to create an unforgettable and splendid wedding day.

When choosing the wedding cake one must be very carefully that everything matches the general theme of the wedding. Don’t choose different color combinations and decorative elements for the cake unless you are certain that is the best choice. Avery inspired, modern, elegant and pretty romantic color combination for a splendid, chic and delicious wedding cake is the red and black.

Imagine how sleek, stylish, royal and amazingly appetizing a red and black wedding cake would look like seating on your wedding table! The most suitable and appropriated theme or style for this cake would definitely be a Spanish wedding. Or perhaps a gothic, a Chinese, a Valentine’s Day or any royal and extravagant wedding can be perfect for a red and black wedding cake.

More and more contemporary brides and grooms are enchanted with this original color mixture for the wedding desert and consider it to be very sexy and attractive for any wedding party. Many couples usually choose a white and black wedding cake color scheme and afterwards they start to wonder whether there isn’t something missing…! And they’re right! A red accent is missing.

A red accent on a white and black wedding cake is divine and completely unearthly! The red color is always there for a more romantic, dramatic, stunning and unique black and white wedding cake. Avoid the classic, perhaps boring and formal look of a black and white wedding dress and add some light and touch of red color. There are more and more modern wedding dress designers who are creating daily unique, chic, extravagant, whimsical, intricate, unusual and exotic red and black wedding cakes that incorporate different flavors, decorative elements, motifs and themes.

Brides and grooms are becoming more and more interested and charmed with the polka dot theme for the wedding cake and many of them choose to use a red and black wedding cake color scheme to get that retro, funky, funny and appetizing look.

But a red and black wedding cake is usually brought to a more extravagant, sleek, elegant and sophisticated wedding, where a more shiny and sparkling decoration with diamonds, pearls, stripes, beadings or crystals is more proper and suitable. Red and black wedding cakes are also perfect for any classic wedding day, where one can use white rose motifs to match the color scheme and to create a very elegant and stylish look. For a St. Valentine’s Day a Red and black wedding cake can also fit beautifully because this color scheme is, first of all, one of the most romantic and adorable ones that exist.11