Realtree Wedding Rings

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According to the title suggested by these wedding bands, one may think of rings that are made of wood; just the simple bark that surrounds the ring in the trunk of a tree, which is transformed in a wearable ring. Actually the realtree name comes from the use of camouflage style that influenced art, fashion in the last decades of our era.

Camouflage, as a concept appeared first as a need of the military forces to conceal their armies out in the battle field. The military leaders have been inspired by the American zoologist and artist, Abbot Thayer, who published a book called “Concealing Color in the Animal Kingdom”. Other sources that made camouflage concept to gain ground were cubism, impressionism (as they had to deal with disrupting contours, abstractions) and also the release of the German theories compiled in a book called “Gestalt Psychology” (the psychology of appearance) which studied answers for questions like: “How is it that we see a thing?”

realtree-wedding-ringsIn 1915, the French have set the bases of a Camouflage Department, where the experts were for the most part, sculptors, painters and theatre-settings artists. Because of the technological restrictions, the camouflage uniforms were not mass-manufactured, so each of the art sections that was in the field, mostly used hand paint options to get the effect of a camouflage on their works of art. Other countries saw the benefits of camouflage and established their own ‘divisions’ of Camoufleurs, constituted of designers, architects and artists, as well.

Realtree technique applied on the jewels, and not only, is a technique that comes from the same concept that defines the camouflage; it is a technique that turns an object into a tree like aspect, having the same colors and diversity of colored stripes that look exactly like the bark of a tree. But as the bark differs from one type of tree to another, the same is the effect on the realtree wedding rings.

For the wedding couples that love outdoors activities, such as camping, mounting, hunting, fishing, a camo (short for “camouflage”) theme seems to suit the best for their wedding ceremony. A large variety of outfit comes also with this camo theme, mostly for men’s options, but recently, due to the market demands, camo wedding dresses have started to be manufactured for female customers. So the problem with the wedding outfit is solved, now comes the one for the wedding rings. Websites offer a wide variety for these rings, too.

For some artists, the idea of creating realtree wedding rings came from a randomly observed image: if one sets layers of leaves over a vertical bark background, a 3D appearance will be created that would match a diversity of terrain, and making at the same time its pattern distinct. Through their creative rings, artists put a mark of distinction and an effect to resemble only to Mother Nature.11


  1. Danielle

    November 10, 2009 at 10:04 pm

    how much do the camo wedding bands cost? and what are they made out of


  2. courtney

    June 01, 2010 at 2:00 pm

    How much do the camo wedding bands cost? and what are they made out of and what sizes do you have i think my old man wears a size 13


  3. christin smith

    March 31, 2012 at 1:40 am

    what sizes are available for the men and women? As a set, how much would it cost? We are very interested in a set…thanks


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