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25 February 2011 | Wedding Invitations 1 Comment

The budget is the starting point of your wedding day. The first thing you have to decide is the financial frame, so to say. Everything starts with the budget…it’s impossible to decide anything else unless you haven’t decided the budget. Once you know the budget you can think about a guest list and then about the locations. Theme, caterers, decorators or music are only some of the other elements of the equation.

Along the process of planning this very special day you should be able to control the budget. It’s not that easy to handle so many expenses and costs. Every move within this scenario implies a sum of money. If you don’t have any organizational or financial skills it could be an impossible task. Some couples choose to hire a wedding planner to help simplify things. This could be a valid solution when you don’t feel like making calculations all day long. On the other hand, you could take care of this problem on your own. In this case what you should do is make lists and follow them with maximum of attention.

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For example, take the wedding invitations. Now, these cards are extremely important in the wedding scenario. Nobody can deny their role and their significance. Considering all the details of the image you should take time and energy and come up with some amazing wedding invitations. However, it is not that easy to come up with some amazing wedding invitations and still keep an eye on the budget. Quality is, in most cases, framed by prices.

On the other side, there are exceptions to every rule so why shouldn’t there be exceptions to this one as well? The market will confirm your suspicions: you will be able to find really cheap wedding invitations that respect high quality standards. More than that, if you look deeper and you carefully go from one display to another you will discover that there are famous collections available at reasonable prices. To be honest, great solutions are only a couple of clicks away from you. It doesn’t even matter what sort of invitations you are looking for. It doesn’t matter if you feel traditional or modern, colorful or white and black. None of these personal parameters matter when you have so many samples to consider.

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Most retailers encourage you to stop at one sample and then personalize it a little bit. For example, Ann’s Bridal has a simple proposition for you: quality and really cheap wedding invitations. Their plan to gain your attention is simple: they invite you to take a look at their display and see on your own whether their marketing schemes are exaggerated or not.

Not only that the designs are original and beautiful but the papers have a charm of their own. The company offers assistance throughout the personalizing process as well as when placing the final order. It’s good to know that you can count on professionals when handling such a delicate task. The truth is that it doesn’t help to have the perfect wedding invitations and not be able to send them in time because the retailer mixed up the orders.

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Logistics are quite important in this context. So, reasonable prices and a great customer care department…what else can you ask for from your wedding invitation retailer? Your guests will appreciate a beautiful wedding invitation. They will be impressed to see that the first impression has been carefully thought and planned. A good wedding invitation may convince some of the undecided guests to actually show up. Well, this could only mean good news for you, isn’t it?11


Jenny got married. And she loved the experience of organizing it so much that she started to write about it.

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  1. Kid

    February 26, 2011 at 8:16 am

    Hello! Nice article, but instead the cheap wedding invitations I would rather go on searching for a company to print them, pick the right format and colour…of course, together with my ideas. A best friend of mine had her wedding last year and because she had a low budget, she chose to make herself the invitations. Guess what? After putting them in envelopes and glued them, when arrived to the guests, they colored their hands because of the invitation’s dye. It was awfull ! The words: “you get how much you pay” are really true!


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