Raimon Bundo Summer Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | April 27 2011 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

We are back with new gorgeous Raimon Bundo Summer wedding dresses created by this talented designer for a wonderful 2011 bridal collection that we are happy and privileged to host here on our website. We are fans of this couturier’s creations and we always recommend his collections to both modern and classic brides who are planning a more refined, chic and vintage inspired look for the big day.


The majority of the dresses created by Raimon are antique themed or vintage inspired and this is why his collections look so unique, original, artistic and fancy. But those of you who are really not into the vintage style at all should know that this designer also has lots of beautifully elegant modern gowns created especially for the contemporary weddings.


Anyway, we find it hard to say whether the so called modern silhouettes are purely modern and not inspired by the old fashion couture style at all! And we make this supposition because there is no such thing as the perfect pure contemporary wedding dress that doesn’t have any influence in designs that comes from the old century or antique style!


The vast majority of the designers today are aware of the fact that a fashionable, romantic and ultra elegant wedding dress can only be created as long as they use a few elements or inspirational and artistic patterns, embroideries and embellishments.


In other words, the modern wedding dresses today are inspired by the classic style and staged through the medium of the modern techniques and procedures of working the fabrics, the textures and the details.


And these Raimon Bundo Summer wedding dresses that we’re showing you here are great examples of this kind. They look so voguish, elevated, refined and sophisticatedly romantic because they created and fashioned according to the timeless elegant old style. The prints, the fabric textures, the patterns, the motifs and the embroideries all come from the precious and inexhaustible antique style that is still alive and generous.


This designer’s creations look so attractive, elegant, refined and impressive because he has more than 35 years of experience in this field. And he still manages to combine perfectly the experience with the love and passion for creating artistic, fancy and creative dresses for the modern brides who want something different and original for their wedding.


This summer season collection released by Raimon Bundo follows the same line and note of coquetry, chicness, refinement, daintiness and femininity that can be observed in his other collections.11

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  1. deleny

    April 29, 2011 at 7:27 am

    actually i expected something a little bit more ethereal, ore diaphanous and maybe even more transparent. but although these dresses are not so, i still like them and i like those that are flowing and with a touch of transparency. but i can’t believe how feminine all these dresses are. they are all so beautiful and these are in fact what i consider a wedding dress. quite simple, with subtle embellishments to make the dress even more beautiful and so feminine. but my favorite from here is the last but one, with the drop waist and that nice flower on the waist line. it’s a charming and beautiful dress


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