Purple Wedding Ideas

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To use white and red colors for your wedding does not seem interesting and exciting? Do you want to come up with something new to your wedding? The goal is to bring a vintage air and at the same time elegant and modern? If the answer for the above questions is “yes” then purple wedding ideas and flowers are the perfect choice for you. Purple flowers, in addition to offering a touch of spirituality and style for your wedding also differentiate you and get you out of the eternal red / pink and white wedding flowers. You can use the purple flowers for bride's bouquet, corsage and buttons or even the wedding cake. Here are some of violet flowers that you can use and combine at your wedding. The most ingenious purple wedding ideas will look astonishingly and will endow you with a magical feeling.

 purple wedding ideas (source: my-weddingdream.com)


Freesia is the perfect choice for the bride's bouquet. This flower is suitable if you do not want your bouquet to be too purple. These flowers have a delicate splash of white which offers elegance for the wedding bouquet. You can also use it in combination with white or yellow flowers, at will.

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For gladiolas aficionados it is well to remember that it fits perfect for floral arrangements. As for weddings, it can be used for groom’s cufflinks because offers an elegant air. They have the advantage that they can be included in both vertical and horizontal arrangements.

 purple wedding ideas (source: wedding-flowers-and-reception-ideas.com)


Tulips can be used for bridal bouquet, for decorating the location but also for flowers on tables, so will provide a uniform appearance. In the bouquet you can combine purple tulips with pink or yellow and white, but also takes into account color and style of wedding dress.

Orchids have always had a sophisticated look. They are the perfect choice for a very formal elegant wedding. For a less formal, more friendly, you can use the variety of Vanda.

Pansies are among the cheapest little flowers, of course depending on where you are compared with other purple flowers used for weddings. They are found especially in the greenhouses. They can be used both for bouquets, but in this case necessarily combined with other flowers.


 purple wedding ideas (source: circle.stylemepretty.com)



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