Purple Orchid Wedding Flowers

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For the romantic type of bride who is planning a unique and vibrant wedding perhaps these gorgeous pictures of purple orchid wedding flowers can make fabulous sources of inspiration. Orchids are definitely the most sensual, romantic and unique types of flowers that are usually considered as perfect for weddings.

Their sculpted-like petals, their lavish blooms and their rich appearances make the fabulous choices for any type of wedding: formal or casual, classic or modern, in or outdoors. In this article we are going to talk about the mauve type of orchids hopefully the examples we’ve chosen to show you here will meet your preferences.

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We think that the mauve or the purple color is amazingly great for weddings – especially for the modern ones because it stands for spirituality, fidelity, sensuality, inspiration, femininity, refinement and romanticism. The mauve color is also mystical and whimsical, perfect for brides who are planning a magical look and a contemporary romantic wedding. No one can deny the exquisite beauty of these spectacular purple orchid wedding flower bouquets we’re showing you here!

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Compared to other types of bouquets like rose bouquets, these ones here are definitely more attractive and interesting. For those of you who care for the originality and uniqueness of your look these bouquets here can definitely make a wonderful choice! Orchids – especially these mauve ones can always make a more inspiring and attractive alternative for modern brides who are in search of everything that is innovative, hot and trendy in matters of looks and weddings. Now, you can use the orchid blooms alone in your bouquet – and obtain a more elegant, seductive and romantic unified look, or you can mix them with other blooms and compose a more eye-catchy, rich and abundant arrangement. Orchids look gorgeously well next to roses, sweet peas, ranunculuses, peonies or anemones.

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However, we suggest you to opt for a bouquet composed only of orchids because this color and their rich blooms are enough for creating a stunning impressive effect around. Perhaps a white and mauve theme can also look charming for a wedding decorated with orchids, where this color palette can fit more properly the classic bride who doesn’t want to stray too much from the traditional white and elegant wedding decor. There are a few lovely types of ribbed orchids that can be found in two tones, and the purple and white nuances are the most popular ones. The purple orchid wedding flower bouquet can feature a cascading style or a simplistic and casual hand tied posy or nosegay style, depending on your own preferences and type of silhouette or body shape.

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In general, full figure brides, as well as taller brides can “afford” to opt for a voluminous cascading type of bouquet, but petite and slim brides can’t because a too ample flower arrangement can hide their beautiful dress and look. We suggest you to keep the arrangement loose, casual, easy going and natural. We invite you to view more pictures of orchid wedding flower bouquets and arrangements on our website!11

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